Keyshawn Johnson Sued for $2.7 Million Over Panera Bread Franchise

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By TheBlast Staff on May 1, 2018 at 12:37 AM EDT

Keyshawn Johnson is being accused of breaking the lease for one of his Panera Bread franchise stores and now he’s being sued for $2.7 million.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, WVS SPEC LLC claims they own a property in Los Angeles which they leased to Johnson and his company, First Picks Bread Company, back in 2012.

WVS claims they entered into a 10-year lease with Johnson and First Picks that called for them to pay $22,641/month in rent.

But the suit claims Johnson stopped paying rent on the property as of January 1, 2018. They also claim the ex-NFL star failed to make an operating expense payment, defined in the lease as their share of maintenance and repair of the shopping center the property is in.

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The lawsuit is seeking $2,350,000 in damages for the breach of the lease plus an additional $400,000 for breach of guaranty for a total of $2,750,000.

It's worth noting — the Panera Bread in question is still open.

We reached out to a rep for Keyshawn — so far, no word back.

As The Blast first reported, Keyshawn Johnson is involved in another lawsuit over his Panera operation.

Johnson's ex-business partner, Reynaldo Spalding, claims Johnson agreed to buy him out of his deal in Panera for $335,000. He claims Johnson had agreed to pay him $3,865.38 on a bi-weekly basis until the total sum was paid off.

But Spalding says he collected $29,600 before the former NFL star refused to make any further payments, and says he’s currently owed $117,008.34 plus an extra $7,466 in interest.

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