G-Eazy Convicted of Charges in Sweden, But No Jail Time

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By TheBlast Staff on May 4, 2018 at 5:41 AM EDT

G-Eazy has been released from custody after the rapper was convicted on the charges of assault and drug possession, but will not get jail time and is about to leave the country.

The rapper's Swedish lawyer, Mikael Westerlund, tells The Blast he was "convicted" of charges but was given no jail time. It's currently unclear what the extent of his punishment will be, including fines, but Westerlund tells us his client is now a "free man."

The lawyer says G-Eazy is planning on leaving Sweden ASAP after he gets out of jail. As we reported, the star was found with 1.5 grams of cocaine and rolled up $100 bill when he was arrested at a nightclub after fighting with security.

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During an interview with police, G-Eazy admitted to purchasing and using drugs, as well as punching the security guard in the face.


10:00 AM: G-Eazy was fined $9,000 for the crimes, $740 to the security guard and sentenced to 2 years probation. He may also have to participate in community service.

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