Ellen DeGeneres Calls Out Kris Jenner: 'You Lie to Me All the Time'

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By TheBlast Staff on May 4, 2018 at 5:40 AM EDT

Nothing gets by Ellen DeGeneres, especially not Kris Jenner and all her "lies."

Say what? Yes, Ellen felt the need to call out Kris during their interview on her show, telling the studio audience the KarJenner matriarch "lies to me all the time."

For several minutes, the two were having a great conversation about Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal, but Ellen decided to turn the tables and bring up Kylie's secret pregnancy and the fact that Kris didn't tell her when she asked if the youngest KarJenner was pregnant.

"You're so good about lying about them [grandchildren] too," the talk show host fired at Kris. "Do you ever confuse your lies ... like to me? Cause you lie to me all the time." BOOM!?

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Kris can be seen uncomfortably laughing, but Ellen didn't let up, asking if Kris gets confused trying to "keep track of what's on the show and what's not on the show?"

But Kris handles the situation in the most Kris-like way.

"I pretty much lead a very confusing life. I'm confused at all time," she jokes. "It's a natural thing, so I just kind of mumble along and hope you believe it."

You gotta watch the clip ... talk about uncomfortable!!

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