Dillon Brooks In Custody Drama Amid Ejection Of NBA Game

Dillon Brooks Involved In Custody Battle Amid Ejection Of NBA Game

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on October 13, 2023 at 12:49 PM EDT

Houston Rockets' Dillon Brooks has found himself in child custody drama -- just a few days after he was ejected from the first NBA pre-season game.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Heather Andrews, the mother of Luna Brooks who was born earlier this year, has filed a "petition to determine parental relationship," along with a request for child support.

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Dillon Brooks Baby's Mother Files For Full Custody Of Newborn Child

In the filing, Adams is asking for sole custody of their daughter, while Dillon is fighting back demanding joint custody.

Either way, Brooks will be forking over a certain amount of child support. An agreement was included in the documents, stating, "The court shall make any order for child support, for the minor child, Luna Amina Brooks...retroactive to March 2, 2023."

In other words, after an amount is established, Heather will receive child support payments made by Dillon Brooks. It should be noted, that California bases support payments on the monthly income of the parents. So, a successful NBA player will be paying a hefty amount.

The child will get access to Dillon Brooks's health insurance, which is made available to him through the NBA/Houston Rockets.

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Interestingly, according to reports, Heather Adams and Dillon Brooks share another daughter, Mila Brooks, but the custody paperwork doesn't mention the other child.

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Dillon Brooks Ejected From First NBA Pre-Season Game

Dillon Brooks In Custody Drama Amid Ejection Of NBA Game

During the first NBA preseason game, Dillon Brooks was ejected, just five minutes in, for punching an opponent, Daniel Theis, below the belt.

The incident took place in an NBA preseason game between the Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers. When Houston was leading 13-10, Brooks was guarding Bennedict Mathurin on the perimeter. Daniel Theis then set a screen on Brooks, to which Brooks responded with a left uppercut to the groin.


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Officials then went to the monitor to determine the severity of the infraction before coming to the conclusion that it was a foul of the flagrant 2 variety, which is a designation that comes with an automatic ejection. Brooks then smirked and waved goodbye to the Houston crowd before jogging off the floor without protest.

"I tried to navigate a screen, I might have tapped him below the waist. But you know he got right back up," Brooks said following the game, per Yahoo. "I don't know, it's weird that every time it happens to me it I get picked on. But I guess it's just a part of the reputation."

When asked if Brooks has a target on his back, he responded, "I don't know. What's the name? What's my name? The name is Dillon the Villain, so I guess."

Dillon Brooks's Rivalry With Lebron James

LeBron James

During the NBA playoffs last season, Dillon Brooks found himself in a similar situation.

His incident with Lebron James in the playoffs game earned Brooks a flagrant 2, the same assessment he earned during this year's first pre-season game and an assessment Brooks later blamed on media and fans.

“The media making me a villain, the fans making me a villain, that just creates another persona on me,” Brooks said in April while arguing that he didn't deserve a flagrant 2 for punching another player in his groin area.

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