Lenny Kravitz Shocks Fans As He Bares It All In Racy Music Video TK421

Lenny Kravitz Shocks Fans As He Bares It All In Racy New Music Video TK421

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By Favour Adegoke on October 12, 2023 at 1:33 PM EDT

Lenny Kravitz set tongues wagging by pushing the boundaries of artistic expression in his new music video, TK421.

In a daring move, the Grammy Award-winning artist bared it all, using only his hand to cover his genitals in the video.

Thirsty fans didn't take long to race to the comment section, sharing how much they loved his music and stunning physique. Lenny recently made a splash when he joined the popular video-sharing platform TikTok with his viral oversized scarf. 

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Lenny Kravitz Covers His Nude Self With Only His Hand

The 59-year-old singer, known for his fearless approach to both music and style, took self-expression to daring heights in his visually striking music video for his new single, TK421. In the video posted on Instagram, he showed off his toned abs and tattooed biceps, appearing completely nude with nothing but the strategic placement of his hand covering his private part.

In another scene, Lenny posed completely nude with his manhood covered by the head of a sculpture of a nude woman who had her skin decorated with a zebra stripe pattern and was wearing a thick necklace across her chest.

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Other sections of the video had him in a suggestive and compromising state. In a particular section, he reclined on a seat or sculpture made of gold, and something that appeared to be a male member protruded suggestively from between his legs.

"TK421 out now. Blue Electric Light coming March 15th. Go to Lennykravitz.com for more details," Lenny announced in his caption.

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Fans Say They Have Watched The Video '16,000' Times

Celebrities after Vogue party

As expected, the music video set social media ablaze, with fans and followers sharing their reactions to the daring visuals.

A fan wrote, "Such a steamy video for a steamy King. Lenny is back at it again!" Another fan shared, "Oops, I licked my screen."

One particularly enthusiastic fan noted that they "watched this video an insane amount of times."

"This man is goals," a fan penned, while another asked for "forgiveness for watching this video 105 times."

A sixth person wrote, "Looks beyond hectic @lennykravitz. You've outdone yourself. I'm pleasantly surprised. Wish I was there. LOL. I'm so sure this Album is going to be a HUGE HIT!!"

"Was I supposed to watch this 16,000 times and share it with all my friends?" joked another fan.

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Lenny Kravitz Joins TikTok

The legendary musician and fashion icon is back at it again as he recently made his debut on TikTok. In his first post on the video-sharing app, the star brought back his infamous giant scarf that went viral some years ago. In the video, Lenny can be seen sporting the oversized scarf while taking a stroll as he spoke to the camera.

The post was captioned, "Grab your big scarf, it's the first day of fall," and fans couldn't be more excited to see the return of the iconic scarf.

The neckwear was first spotted on Lenny back in 2012 when he was seen running errands in New York with it, and it quickly became a sensation on social media. The snapshots have since been used in countless hilarious memes more than ten years later.

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Lenny Kravitz Praises Daughter For 'Gracefully' Navigating Career

Vogue Party

Back in March, the "Fly Away" singer couldn't help but express his pride and admiration for his daughter, Zoë, as she gracefully navigates her successful career in the entertainment industry, per E! News.

Zoë, an accomplished actress and musician in her own right, has been making waves in Hollywood with her captivating performances and unique style. Lenny commended her for her talent, work ethic, and ability to carve her own path.

"When you watch your child become who they are—not who you necessarily want them to be—but who they were created to be, she's done it her way," Lenny shared with the news outlet. "She's done it very gracefully and she's doing well and she knows who she is and that's the main thing that I'm proud of."

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