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Scarlett Johansson Says This 'Amazing' Workout Helps Maintain Her Physique At Almost 40

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By Favour Adegoke on October 12, 2023 at 12:00 PM EDT

Marvel star and mother of two, Scarlett Johansson, is proud of her body and has shared her ideal workout plan to keep in shape. 

The almost 40-year-old dedicates up to four days a week to maintaining her size two body. Johansson has done Pilates for nearly a decade, among other exercises.

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Scarlett Johansson Details Her Workout Plan For An Ideal Body

Scarlett Johansson at the 92nd Academy Awards

Johansson has her size two figure to thank for some major acting roles, including Black Widow in the MCU. She revealed this to Stylist in an interview about her workout plan for the ideal body. During the interview, the 38-year-old noted that working out is as essential for her "mental wellbeing" as it is for her physical body.

The "Ghost in the Shell" actress exercises up to "four days a week" and specifically loves Pilates. She said, "I've been doing Pilates for the last eight years or so, and I've found it to be amazing." Johansson, who used to focus on "just lifting weights," replaced it with Pilates. She realized that it was better for her body and "recovery" at her age.

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Johansson added, per Daily Mail, "I think it's just getting older and having my body change, but Pilates really helped me feel better in all ways. I do classes with a couple of different instructors, and I've been incorporating some weightlifting a little bit more again. I think I'm better at it now because of Pilates."

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Scarlett Johansson Struggled With Acne As A Teen

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Johansson's dedication to a healthy body comes after her struggle with acne as a teenager. In her interview with the publication, she recalled the "painful memories" of struggling with self-esteem and acne issues. 

Johansson recounted, "I struggled with acne forever. My brother actually just showed me photos of myself at a family thing when I was probably 19 or 20, and my skin quality is completely different."

The actress still feels triggered by looking at old photos of herself despite now having better skin. She recalled showing up to movie sets with concealer on, "even though somebody was about to put make-up on my face." 

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The "Endgame" actress also recalled receiving false skin care advice. People would tell her to wash her face to avoid acne. However, this never worked to fix her problems. 

"It was all so negative – and also incorrect," Johansson noted.

She would use recommended skincare products that never worked on her face. The actress stated, "At that point, I was using every product I was prescribed and that I saw in the media. I would go through these cycles of drying out the acne and then having all this redness and irritation. It was a non-stop cycle." 

She eventually quit the harsh products and "began moisturizing" for a "completely different" skin "within a week."

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She Started Her Own Skincare Brand

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The mother of two launched "The Outset," her own skincare brand, in honor of her struggle. She revealed that her friends were very excited and expected her to have done it a long time ago. Johansson said, "It's funny, because when I told my friends I was starting a skincare line they were like, 'Finally!'" She added, "So for them, it was [always on the cards for me]."

This was a bold step for Johansson as she "just never could have imagined entering into the start-up world." Johansson explained that entrepreneurship was more challenging than she thought but equally satisfying. 

"The b2b [business to business] space is a completely different industry for me, and it's been challenging but also really rewarding."

Scarlett Johansson Speaks On Her Relationship With Colin Jost

Scarlett Johansson Sues Disney Over 'Black Widow'

During an appearance on Gwyneth Paltrow's "Goop" podcast, Johansson spoke about the lessons she’s learned from her husband, Colin Jost. The “Marriage Story” star stated that she realized she didn’t know what she “wanted or needed from somebody else.”

Johansson said, “I never realized, ‘Oh, it’s essential for me; I need to be with a compassionate person. That’s a fundamental characteristic that has to be there.’ And I think that understanding what fundamental things you need in a partner is a must — for longevity, anyway.”

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The actress noted that identifying her fundamentals for a partner was a “game changer” for her relationships. She and Jost, an actor and writer on "Saturday Night Live," married in 2020 and have a son, Cosmo. Johansson also has a daughter, Rose, with former partner Romain Dauriac.

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