Fans Praise Gigi Hadid's 'Critical Thinking' On The Hamas-Israel Conflict, Say Her Message 'Promotes Peace'

Fans Praise Gigi Hadid's 'Critical Thinking' On The Hamas-Israel Conflict

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By Favour Adegoke on October 11, 2023 at 12:00 PM EDT

Fans are heaping praises on Gigi Hadid after she released a statement on Instagram about the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel.

Gigi sympathized with both sides before thoroughly pointing out that "terrorizing of innocent people" wasn't the way to go about achieving the "Free Palestine" movement. Fans responded, saying her opinion showed "critical thinking" and was valid.

It comes a few days after her father, Mohammed Hadid, made a statement on Instagram, blaming the entire conflict on the Israeli government. Meanwhile, Gigi's sister, Bella Hadid, has remained silent on the conflict.

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Fans Laud Gigi Hadid For Her Remarks About The Hamas-Israel Conflict

Gigi Hadid

In response to Hadid's emotional statement on her Instagram page, social media users have praised the supermodel, saying her opinion on the matter showed "critical thinking" and promotes "understanding and peace."

One X user tweeted, "She's absolutely right, if only other celebrities had this type of critical thinking before posting," while another commented, "Gigi's heartfelt message promotes understanding and peace."

A third person remarked, "Gigi Hadid's statement emphasizes the importance of distinguishing political issues from harming innocent individuals. It's crucial to advocate for causes while promoting peace and understanding between different communities."

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Another person mentioned that it was "the best take I've seen from a celebrity." At the same time, another appreciated Hadid's "sense of awareness when it comes to things that really matter in the World."

One more person also claimed that Hadid's Palestinian origin gives her "a more global view of the situation not like the others who just want to put stories."

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What Did Gigi Hadid Say?

Gigi Hadid Bares Her Heart As She Speaks Out On The Hamas Attack On Israel
Instagram | Gigi Hadid

As regards the Hamas-Israel conflict, Hadid's statement sympathized with both parties amid the rising death toll.

However, she pointed out that many innocent lives, including children, have been taken by the conflict, which she described as an "unjustifiable tragedy."

She said, "The terrorizing of innocent people is not in alignment with & does not do any good for the 'Free Palestine' movement.

"The idea that it does has fueled a painful, decades long cycle of back & forth retaliation (which no innocent civilian, Palestinian or Israeli, deserves to be a casualty of) and helps perpetuate the false idea that being Pro-Palestine = antisemitic."

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Gigi also acknowledged that there are a lot of "complex, personal and valid feelings" on both ends, but it should not lead to the denial of human rights that has prevented the safety of innocent lives.

The model added, "There are a lot of complex, personal and valid feelings, but every human deserves basic rights, treatment and security; no matter their nationality, religion, ethnicity or where they were born."

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Gigi Hadid's Father On The Conflict

The Hadid family
Instagram | Mohamed Hadid

While Gigi's sister, Bella, has yet to comment about the ongoing conflict, rumors have swirled that she convinced her friend Kylie Jenner to take down a pro-Israel post she shared on her Instagram page on October 7.

However, the Hadid sisters' father, Mohamed, had come out earlier in the week to speak on the issue. In a statement on Instagram, the Palestine-born said the Israeli government is "100%" responsible for the "massive escalation between the occupied and the occupier."

He added, "It's that simple. Erasing the Palestinians off the map at United nation is organized arrogance.. (the New Middle East). It's shameful."

A day after his bold statement, Mohamed came out to condemn the killings that happened amid the conflict. He said, "To Be Clear I condemn the killing and hostage-taking or abusing, torturing of civilians. Of Arabs, Muslims, Jews or Christians."

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The Israel-Hamas Conflict

Family Of 85-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Plead With Hamas For Her Release, Say She's In 'A Lot Of Pain'

The Hamas and Israel conflict has been ongoing for decades, and there have been several periods of heightened tension and violence between the two sides.

In 2021, the duo engaged in an 11-day conflict that resulted in the deaths of up to a thousand people from both sides. Then, last Saturday, the Palestinian militant group initiated its largest surprise attack on the state of Israel.

The attacks coincided with the holiday of Simchat Torah and started with the group launching thousands of rockets. However, most were warded off by Israel's advanced Iron Dome missile defense system.

Next, the Hamas terrorists infiltrated 22 Israeli towns and military bases by land, sea, and air, taking civilians and soldiers hostage in the process.

Israel responded with substantial strikes on cities within the blockaded Gaza Strip, destroying numerous buildings, including multistory structures, residences, schools, a hospital, and a mosque.

Since the start of the war, Middle Eastern nations like Iran, Lebanon, and Qatar have also shown support for Hamas, while the U.S., U.K., Australia, India, France, Norway, and Austria have backed Israel.

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