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Bethenny Frankel Urged To Help 'Starving' Palestinians After Hamas Attack On Israel

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 11, 2023 at 9:15 AM EDT

Fans want Bethenny Frankel to do even more than she already has amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine war.

The reality television star was hounded about what she intends to do for Palestine after she shared a slew of pictures of the aid her foundation was donating to Israel. The conflict between the two countries began on Saturday, October 7 when Palestinian militant groups, primarily led by Hamas, initiated a large-scale invasion against Israel from the Gaza Strip. 

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Bethenny Frankel's Israel Aid Update Raises Questions Over Help For Palestine

During this past weekend, distressing videos and images showing mosques and residential buildings reduced to rubble in both Gaza and Israel flooded social media. Seeing the devastating toll the conflict brought on the lives and infrastructure of both territories, Frankel opted to donate relief supplies to Israel through her disaster relief organization, BStrong.

Upon arrival at its destination, the items were distributed to the people in need of it. Their reactions to receiving the aid were palpable in the pictures that the former Real Housewives of New York" star posted on Instagram.

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Bethenny Frankel Calls For Donations Following Hamas Attack On Israel
Instagram | Bethenny Frankel
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While one slide showcased the warehouse containing the goods, another featured a young boy and a lady sharing a hug, and a third was of people picking up items. The final slide of the carousel was a statement not only written in white against a black background but also made the post's caption. It read:

"Our goal is ONE MILLION DOLLARS with almost 750k in donations in two days. These are scary times. BSTRONG / @globalempowermentmission provides immediate disaster relief. We preserve life and provide aid including, but not limited to, sustenance, supplies, medical, construction, pets, baby|female products, hydration, children's entertainment and anything needed after a catastrophe resulting in tremendous loss."

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After mentioning that BStrong's "cargo planes are being filled with aid and will be en route to Israel and our teams are in action to help anyone in need," Frankel concluded: 

"Thanks to you and the 300 million + aid we have done worldwide, we are prepared for these horrific events. Thank you for trusting us. Sending peace and love and healing to the world Please donate. ? goes to the effort."

Instead of getting appreciated for her good deeds, the "Bethenny" alum was questioned about her plans for Palestine in the comments section. One person asked, "Will you also be sending aid to Palestine??? ?? is currently starving them, leaving them with no food, water, electricity, etc.. There are 2M+ residents, half of which are children."

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"What about the 2.5 million people under siege with no water or food or electricity or medicine? The double morality of the west is showing. Disappointed in you Bethenny," a second critic commented, as a third exclaimed, "Hope Palestine gets some aid as well!"

A fourth observer stated, "I wish that the innocent Palestinian people could also benefit from any proposed aid. They are suffering as well. The entire situation is so heartbreaking."

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The controversy in her comments is the exact type that she said she didn't want to partake in recently. As The Blast reported earlier this week, Frankel had taken to her Instagram Story to upload a video, where she called for donations concerning aid for Israel in the wake of the attack while also saying:

"Like with Ukraine when that started, I will not tolerate arguing in my comments and discussions about things that don't include helping people that are human beings, [their] human conditions, innocent victims, and people who have lost their homes, family members. [People] who have nothing. So, if you want to fight other people, please this is not the place."

The Skinnygirl Entrepreneur Rushed To Turkey's Aid Following Terrifying Earthquake

In February, the "Skinnydipping" author expressed her horror upon learning about a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey that has caused suffering for thousands of people. Per The Blast, she shared her concern and revealed her plans to assist as soon as she receives clearance from her BStrong partners via her Instagram Story. 

The caption on the video emphasized the gravity of the situation, reading, "This Is A Crisis." "The SkinnyGirl Dish: Easy Recipes for Your Naturally Thin Life" publisher said:

"My partner just called me that we have a team going into Turkey because of the terrible, terrible earthquake. He's estimating the deaths to be catastrophic and comparing it to Haiti, where he was 90 times to over 90 times. So I'm just waking up to this and it's horrible."

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In a subsequent update, Frankel expressed, "Turkey update. It seems like it's much worse than Haiti because of the structures that have been destroyed and you just don't know how many people are under this rubble."

She pointed out that she planned to "send trucks now which will take 2.5 days to get to Istanbul," and if that didn't work, she had a private jet that could make the deliveries on standby.

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