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Michael Jackson's Famed 'Pepsi Generation' Jacket Set To Fetch A Fortune In Auction

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 10, 2023 at 1:51 PM EDT

Michael Jackson loved rocking these statement pieces for his mind-blowing performances, and now they are raking in a fortune after his passing.

One more item from the king of pop's wardrobe will be auctioned off at a ridiculously impressive price due to its sentimental value. Jackson worked with many designers during his lifetime and created unique pieces for his over-the-top performances. He has remained a source of inspiration in fashion till today.

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Michael Jackson's 1984 Pepsi Generation Ad Jacket Is The Rave Of The Moment

While the latest Jackson piece is not as popular as other auctioned items, it still has a fascinating history. The black and white leather jacket was worn by the "Heal the World" star on the set of his "Pepsi Generation" commercial in 1984.

The icon danced on the streets with a group of kids wearing the now-famous leather jacket in the advertisement. This ad was iconic because it was the first for the pop star, and the coat was also custom-made.

However, the existence of the jacket was not known until a guy, Wendell Thompson, who got it as a gift from the star, brought it forward. According to Thompson, his father was Jackson's cosmetologist, and Jackson handed him the jacket in 1983 before the ad aired during an encounter with the star in Orlando.

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Michael Jackson's leather jacket from 1984 Pepsi commercial and Amy Winehouse’s music video beehive wig up for auction in music memorabilia sale
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Wendell disclosed he was at the grand opening of Jackson's suite at Disney World's Hotel Royal Plaza. He continued that he has kept the jacket safe for years and is finally ready to give it away and make some fortune.

Thompson plans to use the proceeds from the auction to set up his children and family in his will with hopes for a better future for them. TMZ shared that the auction begins November 10 via the Propstore and is estimated to be between $230-$460k with chances of it tilting towards the latter.

Just last month, another of his items was auctioned. The 1983 Moonwalk hat caused a frenzy among buyers and auction houses. Hotel Drouot hosted the auction in Paris, and the famous black fedora hat was projected to sweep in about $60-100k.

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Per The Blast, the hat was previously owned by Adam Kelly, who caught it during a Motown concert where the "Thriller" star tossed it in the crowd as he debuted his iconic moonwalk.

Artpeges gallery organizer Arthur Perault disclosed that Kelly held on to it with hopes that Jackson's team would reach out to get it back, but that never happened. Years later, the hat found its way to a few private collectors, with Paris as its final destination before it went home with a new owner.

However, Perault shared that demand for the pop star's items has decreased drastically following reports of imitation and the weighty allegation against the late performer.

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The Pop Icon's Estate Settles Stolen Pajamas Case

Michael Jackson in Hawaii

MJ's estate recorded a victory against a pajama thief earlier in the month. The theft reportedly occurred after Jackson's passing in 2019, and the culprit carted away his intimate items.

Medical officers reportedly removed the Pajamas while trying to resurrect the pop star as he wore it hours before his tragic death. The legal documents revealed that the lawsuit filed by Jackson's estate to get back his items ended in a settlement.

Per The Blast, the culprit, Jeffre Philips, and the plaintiffs announced the settlement but remained tight-lipped about the content of their agreement. However,  it was not confirmed if Philips returned the items as requested to the Judge by Jackson's estates or paid the aggregate value estimated to be around $1 million.

The news of Philips' theft broke out in 2022 after Jackson's estate disclosed that a man engaged to one of the "You're Not Alone" singer's siblings ran off with his belongings.

In the lawsuit, Philips mismanaged his fiance status during his nine-day stay at Jackson's Carolwood. The suit confirmed that Phillips was present during Jackson's passing and seized the moment to run off with his personal effects, including Jackson's iPhone and his kids.

Other items Philips illegally procured include Jackson's California driver's license, resuscitation tube, prescription bottles with pills, and clothes. The theft described by Jackson's estate as "extremely appalling and inhumane acts" was discovered in 2021 following a provenance call by a buyer at Phillips auction.

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