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Donna D'Errico Brings Pumpkin Spice Vibes To Her Tiny Two-Piece

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By Kristin Myers on October 17, 2023 at 10:00 AM EDT

Actress Donna D'Errico is getting into the spirit of the season with a pumpkin and a tiny orange two-piece bathing suit!

The "Baywatch" star looked like she was having fun in the sun as she stretched out beside the pool, even as many others were preparing for sweater weather!

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'Baywatch' Babe Donna D'Errico Brings Pumpkin Spice Vibes To The Pool!

It may be approaching late October, but it looks like this “Baywatch” alum is still having fun in the sun! On Monday, Donna shared a fun photo that featured her lying out beside the pool in an orange two-piece bathing suit. She has one leg bent over the other as she shows off her glowing tan and runs a hand through her dark hair.

“High of 91° here today and even warmer at the link in my bio where there’s no bullying and no censoring. Come say hello!” she wrote in the caption of this Instagram post. Fans were quick to shower the post with fire emojis to add some heat to her already hot post. “It’s you, Donna. I knew it. You’re causing all the global warming with all that [fire emoji],” one fan teased.

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“There’s no limit to just how stunning and beautiful you are,” another follower gushed. “That view sure is gorgeous. I’d say a margarita would make that perfect but you already are, Donna,” a third fan teased. “Virgin margarita for me! Ha!” Donna exclaimed. “Wow, you look amazing. I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy the sun,” another follower shared while another fan gushed, “You get more beautiful with every picture you share!”

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Donna D'Errico Needs Help Deciding What To Be For Halloween!

In yet another Instagram post, the former "Battlebots" host admitted that she needed the help of her 2.2 million Instagram followers to decide what to wear for Halloween this year! She shared a steamy snap that featured her sitting on the floor in black lingerie to get her followers' attention while hiding her fit physique partially behind a large pumpkin. In the caption of this Instagram post, Donna wrote, “I like Halloween. What are you dressing up as this year?? Suggestions for me?? I need ideas!!”

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“You could wear a barrel or a potato sack and it would be the most gorgeous thing anybody has ever seen,” one fan commented. “My favorite girl!” another follower exclaimed. “You look great. I haven’t dressed up since my 20s,” a third fan admitted. “If you really wanted to freak out social media, you could dress as Lady Godiva. That would blow their minds,” another follower shared.

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Donna Already Dressed Up As Princess Leia For 'Star Wars' Day!

Donna D’Errico Celebrates Star Wars Day In A Princess Leia Bikini
Instagram | Donna D'Errico

“I'm sure anything you pick you will look stunning,” another fan gushed. “Whatever you decide to dress up as will be EPIC!! That shot is fire,” another follower chimed in. “I would see you well dressed as a sexy Jedi,” another fan offered. “You are just so beautiful Donna. I say go as Princess Leia,” another “Star Wars” fan shared. “Go as Aphrodite. It’s the easiest costume for you to do!” another follower suggested.

“Your tricks are our treats,” another fan wrote. “You are so bootiful!!! I’m dressing up as your boyfriend,” another follower teased. “I was going to dress up as your Halloween party date!” another fan joked. “Anything you dress up as will be amazing,” another follower shared. “You're perfect in that outfit! Oh yeah, that'll do!!” another fan exclaimed while another follower suggested she go as pop icon Britney Spears!

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Donna D'Errico Is Channeling Halloween Vibes With Her Orange Dress Too!

On Sunday afternoon, the “Frank and Penelope” actress even rocked the red carpet in an orange dress that gave fans pumpkin spice vibes too!

“Thank you to @lc4a @chrisderoseofficial and @vitomaria4 for the wonderful and important work you do for the animals and for inviting me to your annual gala at the beautiful @beverlyhilton,” she wrote in the caption of this Instagram post. “Thank you @jaymekav for the beautiful hair and makeup. You made me feel pretty.”

“Thank you @styledbycristina for putting me into such a gorgeous @laquan_smith gown and #pacorabanne bag and for keeping my look cruelty-free,” she continued. “I felt like a pretty butterfly my first time back on a carpet in over a year. I need to get out more often. I struggle with self-esteem and self-consciousness, but last night was lovely.”

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