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Britney Spears In Cheetah-Print Wants To Do A Remix With Beyoncé and Jay-Z

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By Kristin Myers on October 9, 2023 at 2:30 PM EDT

Singer Britney Spears was back on Instagram early Monday afternoon with a brand new dancing video.

The 41-year-old pop star sported a ripped black crop top with long sleeves that seemed very appropriate for October along with her usual cheetah-print bottoms. She spun around and around in black boots, showing off a bandage on her finger.

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Britney Spears Sports A Bandage And Ripped Crop Top While Teasing New Music

In her latest Instagram post shared on Monday afternoon, the “Toxic” singer was dancing around her living room and twirling around and around. The Christmas tree that was in the background of her last two videos has disappeared, replaced by a lot of material on the floor that appears to be packing paper.

Although she wore a different outfit and changed the background a bit, she still set the video to Beyoncé’s hit song “Daddy Lessons.” In the caption of this Instagram post, she teased that she wanted to do a remix of the song with Jay-Z.

“So many people have done remixes to my songs without my knowledge … so I guess it’s safe to say I will be redoing this song eventually ? !!!” she wrote in the caption. “Just need to meet Jay-Z and add a rap to it … what’s up ???”

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Although she usually turns comments off on her Instagram posts, she left them on for this one, and fans had a variety of reactions to her latest video.

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Fans Can't Get Past The Used Bandaid On The Floor!

Many fans took a moment to comment that they were “here” before they turned comments off. Other fans were hopeful that Britney would make good on her collaboration with more artists. “Can this please happen!!! You should do it with Beyoncé,” one follower wrote.

Other followers were disappointed by yet another dancing video. “So sad so talented and she ended up in her living room dancing in panties. I don’t get it,” one user wrote. However, many Britney fans were quick to come to her defense.

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“I dance in my panties so what’s the problem???” one follower asked. “She spent many years dancing on stages in panties, why can't she dance in the comfort of her own home?” another user chimed in. “It’s not for you to get. Let her be,” another fan shared. “It’s called self-expressive dancing. It helps with mental health in many ways. A lot of people do it,” another follower chimed in.

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Is Britney Spears Still Dancing With Knives?

Other followers were concerned that Britney might have cut herself while she was dancing with knives again. “Did you cut your finger with the knives?” one user asked. “Peep the dirty Band-Aid on the floor,” another follower wrote. “I thought the same,” another fan agreed.

“It’s the used Band-Aid on the floor for me,” another follower wrote in a separate comment. “My thoughts exactly,” another fan wrote. “Just a knife dancing accident. No big deal,” another follower chimed in along with a laughing face emoji. “I saw it too. Tried to unsee it,” another fan confessed while other users questioned why there was so much “trash” on the floor.

Some fans felt that it might be better if Britney tried to express herself in other ways. “She is bored. She has nothing else to do. She needs a new hobby,” another follower commented. “This is her hobby,” another fan replied. “And what other hobby would you like that to be because she’s been pretty much stuck in her house for 20 years,” another follower clapped back.

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While some fans did express an interest in watching Britney return to the music world, not everyone believed that was a possibility. “I don't think record labels are going to risk signing her. I think it's why she's only been doing collaborations with other artists who can release a song on their label. Signing with a label requires contractual obligations that I don't think Britney will commit to (tours, appearances, etc.),” one user pointed out.

Fans are hopeful that they may get to see another side of Britney when her memoir, "The Woman In Me," is released on October 24, 2023.

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