Christine Brown & David Woolley Tied The Knot With One 'Sister Wives' Cast Present

Only ONE Other Sister Wife Witnessed Christine Brown & David Woolley's Union!

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 9, 2023 at 8:45 AM EDT

Christine Brown and David Woolley have officially tied the knot!

After a whirlwind romance that became known to the public in February, the pair took the plunge into marriage with only one member of the "Sister Wives" clan. The happy union comes after the mother-of-six announced her split from her ex, Kody Brown, after more than two decades together. 

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Christine Brown & David Woolley Tied The Knot In Front Of 330 Guests

The TLC star and her beau said "I do" in a breathtaking outdoor ceremony at Moab, Utah's Red Cliffs Lodge last Saturday.

Before the ceremony, Christine shared that the planning process had its fair share of stress. She stated, "There's been so many moving pieces with people coming, and not coming, and then you're always going to offend someone." To which Woolley chimed in, "There's always family drama."

However, that did not stop her from making sure that her guest list featured someone special to her, no matter how it might have looked. That person was one of her "Sister Wives" costar, Janelle Brown, who ended things with their mutual ex-husband Kody a year after Christine left. 

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The two women have maintained a solid and enduring bond. In fact, the 51-year-old had disclosed to PEOPLE in an earlier conversation that she explained to her husband that Janelle was very important to her.

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Christine Brown & David Woolley's Union Witnessed By Only One 'Sister Wives' Cast
Instagram | Janelle Brown
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Despite the whirlwind of preparations, including a breathtaking cruise down the Colorado River (with the expertise of planner Danielle Rothweiler), the new couple shared with the outlet that the ceremony unfolded just as they envisioned

The excited groom exclaimed, "The view, the scenery, it's unreal. You can't beat it," before Christine added, "It's a fairytale. It's everything I never thought I would have. I get to walk down the aisle to David, him just looking at me the way that he does, it's a dream come true."

After exchanging vows, the newlyweds danced the night away beneath a tent adorned with sparkling lights and vibrant florals with their 330 guests, whom the reality TV star described as "All people that we absolutely love."

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Fans will recall that after their relationship went public in February, Christine excitedly announced their engagement on social media just a few months later, in April. Alongside a picture of the happy duo, her joyous post:

"We're engaged! David popped the question VERY romantically, and I said YES! I'm so excited and live in bliss every day!"

As expected, her devotees showered her with congratulations on her engagement, like one supporter, who shared, "You my dear, are living the life you should have been living all along. You deserve every hug and every passionate kiss because you have a lot of making up to do! Kudos to both of you!!"

A second chimed in, stating, "I hope she gets the wedding she always dreamed of," while another admirer wrote, "Congrats, you deserve it to have a happy life and to be by a great man, who's interested in you and your kids."

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However, among the positive comments, a few concerned cybernauts voiced worries that Christine might be rushing into such a significant decision. One individual cautioned, "I mean. I love her. But it's still too early, especially after such a toxic situation."

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Robyn Brown Points Fingers At Christine For Shifting Dynamics In 'Sister Wives' Household

Amidst recent happier moments, the underlying tension still runs through the famous family. Things came to a head when Robyn decided to single out who she felt was to blame for the turmoil within their previous polygamous unit. 

During a conversation with Meri — who was Kody's first wife — they both noted the growing frustration within the father of their children. Pointing the finger at Christine as the catalyst for the patriarch's emotional shift, the 45-year-old shared:

"What Christine has done is messed him up. He doesn't want to admit it, but it's the truth. Christine totally just destroyed his past. Like, what he thought was a functional situation. She basically said it was horrible." 

The mother-of-five stressed the intensity and ceaseless nature of the newly married star's sharing and communication, labeling it as an "Every single minute of every single day type of thing."

She also claimed that Christine would talk about her experiences and challenges, emphasizing her relationship with Kody rather than her connections with the two former wives, Meri and Janelle.

In a later confessional, Meri offered a contrasting view, remarking, "I don't believe that Christine said that every bit of our lives was hell." Despite her frustrations, she felt it was not right if Kody portrayed it to Robyn in that manner.

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