Kelis Pulled in Close to a Million Dollars Last Year, Court Docs Reveal

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By TheBlast Staff on May 21, 2018 at 6:07 AM EDT

Singer Kelis has revealed she is doing just fine financially years after splitting with Nas, with court docs stating she has nearly $700k in the bank and last year her income was nearly $1 million.

The singer filed new docs in her ongoing custody/support battle with Nas over their son Knight. According to her income declaration, Kelis says she currently has $691,153.22 in the bank and $1,374,000 worth of property.

Kelis’ monthly expenses include $5,726 for her mortgage, $4,500 on child care, $1,913 on groceries, $1,233 on eating out, $1,500 on laundry/cleaning, $1,728 on clothes, and $492 on entertainment. For Knight, she lists an additional $1,300 on private tutoring, $400 on a math tutor, $150 on Ju-Jitsu and $500 for art.

Her grand total of monthly expenses comes to $25,319.

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Kelis has two businesses which pull in monthly income — her entertainment/touring company (MyKnight, Inc.) and Feast Enterprises, which is her food product business.

In 2016, MyKnight pulled in $287,755 and the following year, made $922,840. Her net income following expenses came to $98,273 (2016) and $463,809 (2017).

Her food business, Feast Enterprises, pulled in $30k (2016) and $17k (2017) but both years she ended in the red following expenses — $51k and $31k, respectively.

Her music royalties weren’t as much as one would think: $21k for 2016 and $9k for 2017.

Recently, Nas filed his won financial docs, revealing he pulls in around $175,000 a month and has over $8 million in the bank.

His monthly expenses totaled $76k and he spent another $20,000 on supporting family members.

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Kelis is seeking an increase of the $8,000 a month in child support Nas currently pays her for their son.

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