Keisha Knight Pulliam's Ex Claims Her Trip to Support Bill Cosby Cost Him Custody Time

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By TheBlast Staff on May 22, 2018 at 10:56 AM EDT

Keisha Knight Pulliam's ex-husband claims she took their 1-year-old daughter with her to support Bill Cosby at his first sexual assault trial during his scheduled parenting time and he's using that in an effort to get a new custody trial.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Ed Hartwell is demanding a new trial over custody of his daughter and accuses the judge of making several errors when they awarded primary custody to his ex-wife.

Last month, Hartwell was ordered to pay $3,007 a month in child support and ordered not to take oxycodone or anti-depressants while driving with the child. The judge noted that evidence showed Hartwell declined to exercise visitation during most of his scheduled visitation.

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In his newly filed docs, Hartwell blames Pulliam for taking their daughter out of state during his scheduled visitation time, including one trip to show her support to Bill Cosby in his sexual assault trial.

According to Hartwell, Pulliam denied him visitation on several other occasions, including eight weeks for the filming of a reality show ("Celebrity Big Brother").

Hartwell claims Pulliam would arbitrarily change the visitation location and made it difficult as possible for him to see his kid.

Hartwell is demanding a new trial, saying he deserves at least joint legal custody of his daughter. He says the final order issued by the court states allegations by Pulliam as fact, despite them not being proven during the trial.

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In the filing, Hartwell claims a substantial amount of witnesses came forward to testify that he was an excellent parent, especially when it came to caring for his son from a previous marriage. He says even his former wife provided an affidavit to the court.

Hartwell points out that Pulliam has never been a parent before Ella.

In regard to his medications, he says there is no evidence to prove the medicine he takes affects his decision-making skills. He says nothing presented during the trial showed his medication has ever negatively impacted his ability to parent or to lead a responsible, productive life.

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Hartwell takes issue with the amount of child support awarded, claiming the court determined the amount based on her monthly income of $8,765. He says she actually pulls in around $20k a month and therefore the support needs to be changed as well.

The case is ongoing.

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