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Jen Shah Set To Mark 50th Birthday With Special Celebration In Prison

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 3, 2023 at 8:43 PM EDT

'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" star Jen Shah is entering a milestone age while still serving her five-and-a-half-year prison sentence.

However, the disgraced reality star marked her Birthday with a special show of love from her fans while behind fans.

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Jen Shah Will Receive Emails Of Fans' Wishes For 50th Birthday.

The "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" star turns 50 on October 4. For her big day, she will be serenaded with well wishes and love from her devoted fans, which will all be compiled in an email sent to her at midnight.

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A good friend of the convicted television star is setting up the gesture. Taking to Shah's Instagram account, the pal released a message that read, "Hi Shah Squad, As many of you know, tomorrow is Jen's Birthday! Many of you send send in messages checking in and wishing her well. Ally appreciates that."

The note continued, "with that being said, I want to ask of those of you who would like to send her a birthday message to reply to this story with your message. I will be sending an email out to her around 12am (MTN) with everyone's wishes!" The sweet note was signed "❤️ Nurilo."

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You may recall that the "RHOSLC" star was sentenced toson after pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with, according to prosecutors, sheting. She was targeting and scamming people out of cash with prosecutors.

She reported to the Bryan Federal Prison Camp in Texas in February to begin her sentence. However, just a month after starting her jail time, the reality star had one year shaved off her initiasix-and-a-half-yearar sentence.

Once she completes her jail time, the convicted Bravo star will do five years of supervised release before leasing the hook. Shah also has other conditions, such as participating in "an outpatient mental health treatment program approved by the United States Probation Office."

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She will also "continue to take any prescribed medications unless otherwise instructed by the health care provider. You must contribute to the cost of services rendered based on your ability to pay and the availability of third-party payments. The Court authorizes the release of available psychological and psychiatric evaluations and reports, including the pre-sentence investigation report, to the health care provider."

Jen Shah to celebrate 50th birthday in prison
Instagram | Jen Shah
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While on probation, Shah will have to seek permission from her probation officer to "incur new credit charges or open additional lines of credit" and give him or her "access to any requested financial information."

Shah Has A Prison Mate In Convicted Elizabeth Holmes

Three months into her sentence, Shah welcomed another famous disgraced Theranos owner, Elizabeth Holmes, into her prisoners.

She was charged with four counts of wire fraud and conspiracy for also saying that her company could get an in-depth knowledge of the body, including diagnosing significant diseases like cancer and diabetes, all with "one drop of blood."

Holmes was sentenced to 11 years and three months behind bars. The minimum-security prison, which houses over 60,0 inmates, ensures the women there must work for small pay and follow structure and order within the prison.

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For example, Shah is reportedly teaching inmates how to  read and write to perform in a play she wrote titled,"" The Real Housewives of Bryan." Per reports, the script will revolve around fake "housewives" locked up at FC Bryan in Texas, with Shah's's manager, Chris Giovanni, sharing that the personalities of Shah's characters will be "cranked up to 11."

Also, the University of Utah alum worked in the library and the education department since surrendering in February, qualifying her to teach her fellow inmates. While most of her stay has been without controversy, the mother-of-two has her fears.

Jen Shah
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In May, Shah voiced her concern about the possibility of her naked pictures being taken in prison and laked after a different photo of her in the yard made the news. The reality star who believes she is the victim of a prison spy said:

"When I saw the photo and recognized the angle and location of where that photo was captured, I became immediately frightened. I strongly believe the photo was not taken from the outside near the exterior gates, but rather deep inside the compound at FPC Bryan."

Now, she thinks an even more private picture will surface online. "I am so worried that the next photo secretly taken of me could be in the shower, using the bathroom, or possibly changing my clothes," Shah confessed.

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