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Tupac Shakur's Murder Suspect SCOFFED At Cops For Years Before Recent Arrest

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By Favour Adegoke on October 2, 2023 at 2:45 PM EDT

Recent reports have revealed that Tupac Shakur's murder suspect, Duane "Keefe D" Davis, was confident that he would never be arrested.

He reportedly bragged that "the police ain't gonna do s---" when friends questioned whether he was worried if the police would take action.

Upon his arrest, he was charged with one count of murder and could get extra years in sentencing for gang activities if convicted.

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'He Openly Mocked The Prospect of Justice'

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According to The Sun, Davis, now the prime suspect in the 1996 murder of Tupac, had "openly mocked the prospect of justice for many years" before his arrest last Friday.

The Los Angeles native was said to have often bragged about being instrumental in the death of the hip-hop legend and scoffed at the possibility of being brought to justice.

A source said, "He felt that the police were never going to take action against him two decades after the killing; he almost went into hyperdrive talking and boasting about his role in the death."

"He'd be at parties and events, enjoying the limelight, being considered the man who knew the secrets of how Tupac passed."

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To make matters worse, Davis was reported to possess an unusual level of confidence, often stating, "The police ain't gonna do s---," when questioned about his fears regarding potential arrests.

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Davis' Boasting And Comments About Tupac's Murder Led To His Arrest

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As to why Davis was now being charged despite how much time had elapsed since Tupac's murder, an insider revealed that his "foolish attitude" and "lack of knowledge of the law" were to blame.

At first, Tupac's case was the kind one would describe as cold, as the police had no "compelling enough evidence to move forward." But with Davis continuously boasting about his alleged role, he suddenly became a person of interest.

The authorities subsequently contacted the DA to see whether they could make a case from Davis' comments and were given the go-ahead.

Meanwhile, throughout the period before his arrest, Davis "ignored police who made several efforts to reach out to him."

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The source said, "Detectives went around to talk to them, and he told them, 'You ain't got nothing on me,' and that's why they have taken this action."

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Davis Could Be Found Guilty By Association

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Upon his arrest last Friday while walking near his Las Vegas home, Davis was charged with one count of murder with a deadly weapon.

It comes after a grand jury agreed that the self-acclaimed gangster could be prosecuted and also voted to add up to 20 additional years for gang activity if he ends up being convicted.

While Davis isn't the accused gunman, his role as the alleged shot-caller 

in the death of Tupac is what the prosecutors are working with.

"Under Nevada law, you can be charged with a crime whether you are directly involved or whether you are an aider or an abettor," DA Steve Wilson told The Sun, adding, "If you helped somebody commit a crime, you are equally as guilty."

At the moment, Davis is claimed to be the "only living suspect" in the case as other suspects, like his nephew Orlando Anderson and two other individuals, have long since passed on.

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Davis' House Was Searched Months Ago About Tupac's Murder Investigation 

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A few months ago, police stormed Davis's residence with a search warrant and retrieved items that might serve as evidence when Davis's case begins in court in a few days, per Mirror.

They found manuscripts, computers, phones, digital storage devices, and several 40-caliber bullets.

At the time, a source from the police revealed that forensic testing would be performed on the bullets to see whether "they have any link to the bullets" that killed Tupac.

"Microfibers or residues from the weapon or the bullet could prove to be a link," the source said. "It will take some time to assess how the bullets play a role in this case."

All the evidence collected at the time of Tupac's death is still available and will be used during the current investigation. In the meantime, the detectives in charge "are keeping everything as secretive as possible," only sharing the details of their research with the district attorney's office.

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