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Tyrese Gibson Responds To Home Depot: 'Trump Supporter Attempts To Slander Me!'

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By Afouda Bamidele on September 29, 2023 at 3:44 PM EDT

Tyrese Gibson is firing back at Home Depot's claim that he lied about the alleged racism he experienced at one of their branches.

The duo's battle began a month ago after the "Fast and Furious" star sued the retail giant over a February incident of being profiled racially. However, the home improvement corporation recently fired back at his claims, noting the opposite had occurred.

The company's not-so-subtle diss at the actor's racist narrative did not escape Gibson's ears as he swiftly retaliated with a heated rant against Bernard "Bernie" Marcus, the co-founder of "Home Depot."

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Tyrese Gibson Pens Lengthy Rant About Home Depot's Discrimination & False Claims

In his latest Instagram post, the "Fast X" star addressed claims that Home Depot released surveillance footage that showed his allegations were false.

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Ticked off by the retail corporation's claims that he had fabricated the racist encounter, Gibson addressed the situation with a lengthy caption. The Hollywood sensation called out the company's former CEO, Marcus, for being a Donald Trump supporter who allegedly discriminated against people of color.

"He was one of Trump's largest donors, giving $7 million to his campaign. When Marcus announced in 2019 that he would financially support the Donald Trump 2020 presidential campaign, it triggered calls for a boycott of Home Depot even though Marcus was no longer with the company," the California said,

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Adding, "Overall, he has donated 64 million to the overall Republican Party…. Mr. Bernie Marcus…… Knock knock…… Who's there…. Black and brown culture who you and your cashiers treated like shit…," Gibson continued before addressing the surveillance footage claims.

He went on to describe the allegations made during the recent hearing as "The Trump supporter attempts to slander me!!!"

The actor expressed regret about spending "tens of millions" in Home Depot because the "footage of your team and staff's blatant racism and discrimination is very clear." He also accused the retail powerhouse of putting "these random claims about me in court documents?" 

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Gibson stressed that he was not the first to experience discrimination at Home Depot, claiming that other Black and Brown people had shared many stories online depicting the "blatant racist practices" in the retail company. The singer-turned-actor concluded his rant with a statement from himself and the other plaintiffs suing the home improvement corporation.

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"Eric Mora, Manuel Hernandez, and I are 100% committed to taking a stand against The Home Depot in defense of our own civil rights and the civil rights of all who have been subjected to discriminatory practices and consumer racial profiling," the "Baby Boy" star's September 29 statement read.

"The Home Depot and its team of attorneys seek to deny our claims, gaslighting… Trying to legally bully us and silence our voices as reflected in their most recent court filing," Gibson claimed."But we will not back down. We will use all of our energy to correct the conduct of the company in service of the broader goal of a shared future free from discrimination."

He concluded his message, noting that he was no stranger to speaking out against injustices but never expected to be discriminated against by Home Depot.

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Home Depot Says Surveillance Footage Proves Tyrese Gibson Lied About Racist Encounter

Gibson's rant came in response to the legal documents filed by Home Depot, where the retail giant refuted the Hollywood sensation's racism claims. They stated their surveillance footage did not support the actor's narrative.

According to the company, the "Black and Blue" star had brought many items to the cash register, where the cashier scanned everything before the California native left to continue his shopping. However, he was gone for 25 minutes, and the cashier was forced to clear out his first transaction.

In Gibson's lawsuit, the AMA winner claimed a technical error had caused the delay, and this computer glitch resulted in Home Depot patrons' recognition of his celebrity status. To avoid the public's eye, he returned to his vehicle and left the transaction's completion to two employees.

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Tyrese Gibson On Instagram

The "2 Fast 2 Furious" star stressed that he explained the situation to the cashier, and she agreed to let him wait outside the store while his companions finished the purchase. However, Home Depot claimed their surveillance footage did not capture this alleged interaction and only saw Gibson returning to the store for a heated discussion with the cashiers.

The TV personality was forced to return after the female staffer noted she could not complete the transaction unless he brought his ID card. After fighting against this policy, the "Fast Five" star dropped his identification, and his purchases were completed.

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