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Kanye West's Top Designer Insists Bianca Censori Is In Control Of Her Racy Style: 'She Has A Lot Of Say'

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By Favour Adegoke on September 29, 2023 at 6:00 AM EDT

Recent reports have revealed that Kanye West's wife, Bianca Censori, has a say in the kind of clothing she puts on, contrary to public opinion.

A designer who has worked with the Australian architect revealed that she and the rapper have an in-house team to create the bizarre outfits.

The couple also came under fire recently for their explicit behavior during a boat trip while vacationing in Italy.

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'Everything Bianca Is Wearing Is From Her And Ye's Brain'

Kanye West Has Allegedly Met His Wife Bianca Censori's Parents During Tokyo Vacation
Instagram | Angelina Censori

Censori's racy outfits that have got her in the news in recent months aren't just something given to her by random designers.

One of the designers who has worked with Censori's husband, ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, and daughter, North West, has revealed that the Australian architect actively participates in the creative process of designing outfits.

"She [Bianca] has a lot of say in what she wants to wear. Everything Bianca is wearing is really from her and Ye's brain," said the designer known as Mowolola Ogunlesi to Page Six. "They want to show people that you can do this yourself. It's stuff that's attainable — tights."

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In May, Ogunlesi collaborated with Censori to create a daring outfit using black tape for a photo shoot. The entire process took less than an hour, resulting in an outfit that comprised a square of tape covering Censori's breasts, a strip over her private area, and a cross-shaped design that left her buttocks exposed.

"It was so difficult to try and do that with fabric because of its limitations. We just got black tape and created the look with tape on her," Ogunlesi added.

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Kanye West Has An In-House Team Making Bianca Censori's Outfits 

Kanye West And 'Wife' Bianca Censori Step Out In Bizarre Outfits For Sunday Service

Ogunlesi also shared that Censori and West work with an "in-house team" to create all of his wife's fashion choices.

"Anything he wants to make they can make it. He's really just making it on the spot," she said.

Another anonymous designer chimed in, saying, "They design it and have an in-house team that creates everything in a day."

Among the unconventional outfits spotted on Censori is a delicate black gauze-like dress featuring a massive foam neck brace that encircled her shoulders and face, reminiscent of a high-fashion beekeeper.

She has also been seen wearing a striking, voluminous headdress along with a bold open-sided knit bodysuit, revealing significant skin, during the Mowalola show at London Fashion Week.

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Another occasion saw her sporting a sheer outfit while holding a purple cushion to cover her chest during a dinner outing with West in Italy. The ensemble led to massive backlash, with people online slamming Censori for disrespecting the culture of the country she was visiting.

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Bianca Censori And Kanye West Recently Came Under Fire

Kanye West And 'Wife' Bianca Censori Step Out In Bizarre Outfits For Sunday Service

Apart from sporting bizarre looks, Censori has also made headlines for her eccentric behaviors in public. Most recently, she and her rapper husband came under fire for having an NSFW moment aboard a boat during their trip to Italy.

As seen in videos and pictures that have since circulated on social media, West was pants down in the vessel, while Censori was on her knees, positioned close to his crotch. Additionally, West's buttocks were also visible to the other tourists around the location.

The duo's bizarre behavior landed them a ban from using the boat's rental company, Venezia Turismo Motoscafi. The owners stated that they disassociate themselves from "such acts and behaviors" portrayed by the couple. Additionally, an investigation was opened into their actions by the local authority.

Bianca Censori's Friends Are 'Extremely Concerned' About Her Explicit Behavior

Bianca Censori

In the meantime, it is not surprising that Censori's friends have raised concerns about her explicit behavior.

Some of them speculate West is behind all her acts and has been pushing her to become a more "radicalized" version of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

"Bianca is stuck, and her friends are trying to save her, but no one can because of the blockades Kanye has put up [around her]," an insider told the Daily Mail.

They added, "Everyone is extremely concerned. This isn't who she is. She is an incredibly outspoken and lively person who is never one to keep her mouth shut. But she has no one right now and it is scary."

Another source said, "Kanye is trying to make Bianca into a radicalized version of Kim - almost like Kim 2.0."

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