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Colin Kaepernick Says He 'Never Stopped Training' In Letter To New York Jets For NFL Return

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By Afouda Bamidele on September 27, 2023 at 9:30 AM EDT

The New York Jets are facing challenges after Aaron Rodgers' season-ending injury, and it seems Colin Kaepernick knows a thing or two about how their season can be rescued!

Fans are frustrated, and the team has yet to bring in a veteran quarterback to challenge Zach Wilson, although they did add Trevor Siemian to their practice squad on Tuesday. Interestingly, the 35-year-old civil rights activist is actively seeking a job with the team and he has signaled his interest in joining through a lengthy letter that has now been shared on social media.

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Colin Kaepernick Considers His Potential Addition To The New York Jets Lineup A 'Privilege'

Colin Kaepernick Says He 'Never Stopped Training' In Letter To New York Jets For NFL Return
Instagram | Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick recently penned a letter to the Jets, expressing his willingness to lead the practice squad in light of Rodgers' absence in an endeavor to return to the NFL after a seven-year absence.

The lengthy note was shared on Instagram by rapper J. Cole, who wanted to highlight the free agent's dedication and hard work in his pursuit of another opportunity in professional football. Addressed to Jets GM Joe Douglas and dated September 21, the letter began:

"I know the aspirations this season were, and still are, to win a championship, and so that Hall of Fame sized hole will need to be filled as best as possible to keep the team on a Super Bowl track. As of right now, Zach Wilson is charged with that task, and I wish him and the rest of the team the best moving forward."

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His statement continued, "However, I know that there are currently depth issues at the position, and I've heard that the back-up spot is likely to be filled by a veteran Quarterback. As much as I would love the opportunity to fill that spot, I'm writing you in hopes that you can imagine a much different approach involving me; I would be honored and extremely grateful for the opportunity to come in and lead the practice squad."

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After noting that he was offering the Jets a "risk-free contingency plan" in case Wilson does not find "his stride," the Black Lives Matter activist added:

"Unlike many of the veteran QB's that have been named in the media, I've never retired or stopped training. My training schedule has remained the same for 6 years; Monday through Friday, 5am-8am training on the field and in the weight room. I've kept this training schedule without failure for the past 6 years, in hopes that an opportunity will present itself."

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The letter, which Cole emphasized was shared with Kaepernick's permission, promptly caught the attention of his fans. Taking to the comments, one person expressed, "Brothers. I'm all in to help push. Let's go," another affirmed that this "should happen," and a third stated that they are "rooting for Kap."

Although Kaepernick made a significant impact during his NFL career, it was his decision to kneel during the national anthem that marked a turning point. Shedding light on the aftermath, one source shared that the 35-year-old hasn't played in an NFL game since 2016, and most teams currently have a quarterback or can find one without the media attention and potential controversy associated with him. 

Additionally, the source mentioned the footballer's stance on social justice, acknowledging that some members of a team might agree or disagree with his views. They claimed:

"Good or bad, it really would cause distraction and no team wants or needs that. The NFL has moved on from Colin and his dreams will only be dreams."

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Rodgers' Appreciated NFL Devotees' For Their Support During His Downtime

Aaron Rodgers Future With New York Jets Revealed Following MRI Results

As for Rodgers' injury, the quarterback had shortened fans' excitement when he suffered a torn Achilles tendon just minutes into his first game against the Buffalo Bills, leading to his being ruled out for the entire season.

While the season-ending injury was a major setback for the Jets and their fans, the latter didn't hesitate to show their support for the 39-year-old. He acknowledged the sweet messages he got in an Instagram update, writing:

"Thank you to every person that has reached out, called, texted, DM'd connected through a friend, etc. It has meant a ton to me, and I'll try and get back to all of you soon ?❤️."

After emphasizing how "completely heartbroken" he was by the physical challenge, Rodgers asserted that he was "deeply touched and humbled by the support and love."

"Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I begin the healing process today. ? ♾️ ❤️," he further typed. The NFL star then penned a quote that read:

"The night is darkest before the dawn. And I shall rise yet again. Proud of my guys, 1-0 ?️ #."

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