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Bethenny Frankel Gets Real About Becoming A Housewife On Bravo

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By Afouda Bamidele on September 25, 2023 at 7:30 PM EDT

Bethenny Frankel is one of the most iconic Real Housewives ever, but how did she land her coveted spot on the show? In a recent post to social media, she got candid about her journey to becoming a Bravo Housewife, and it is a story that is both inspiring and entertaining. 

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Bethenny Frankel Spills The Tea On How She Landed Bravo Gig

In the reel shared to her Instagram page, the 52-year-old used the phrase "I was the question mark character" to convey that she was an unexpected addition to the show. According to her, the situation arose when the show's production company searched for a fifth wife to join the cast despite originally planning for only four.

The mother-of-one revealed that after "Bravo insisted there needed to be five," they "had to go on the hunt, which was what Jill Zarin was doing when I met her at Polo in the Hamptons, not the store, the sport."

Frankel mentioned that she was experiencing financial difficulties and did not have a spouse. Still, Jill Zarin and her husband, Bobby, recommended her to the show's producers, who eventually "loved" her after seeing her on camera.

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The reality TV star also said, "Bravo didn't want me because they didn't want someone who had been on reality TV before." But a key person at the production company, Ricochet (which later became Shed), named Jen O'Connor, pushed for her inclusion.

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In conclusion, she compared herself to Jo from "The Real Housewives of Orange County" season one, who she noted was unmarried and younger than the others, just as she was on "The Real Housewives of New York."

The post, captioned, "Housewives story timeā€¦ I had debt & no clear path. #housewives #jillzarin #bravo," received praise from fans like this person who pointed out: "Destiny! People don't realize how long and unpredictable these roads are." 

Another devotee expressed their love for the former bravo housewife, stating, "I ONLY watched it for you. Right out of the gate, you touched my heart and made me laugh." On the other hand, some were tired of her constantly talking about Bravo, like this user who advised, "Could you please just enjoy your money and MoveOn?" 

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At the same time, a fourth called her out for being shady to the person who seemed to have helped her get a chance in the spotlight, stating, "And you still treated Jill like that after knowing she is the reason you were on that show. SMH."

This is not the first time the "Skating with the Stars" runner-up has talked about her time with the popular network. Fans will recall that last year, she spoke extensively about her reason for leaving after season 11 of "The Real Housewives of New York." 

In a TikTok video, the "Beat Bobby Flay" season 10 guest judge explained her departure, "If I stayed, it would have been because of the money. I left because I wanted to leave. I was ready to leave and used a technicality deal point as my excuse." 

She also noted that a personal loss influenced the decision, but she still fulfilled her professional obligations despite not wanting to continue. Frankly explained that back then, she noticed a contractual change for Housewives stars stating they "won't be paid" if they missed an episode.

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Bethenny Frankel Calls Andy Cohen's Marriage Advice 'Worst Idea In History'
Instagram | Bethenny Frankel

However, she insisted this rule did not apply to her because "The production company said that they 'would never air an episode without you.' They told me that directly, I have receipts." "The Big Shot with Bethenny" star disclosed that she used the above as a reason to leave and described the experience as "a little 'business is personal' nugget."

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'The Neighbors' Star Reveals Regrettable Marriage Advice From Andy Cohen

Since she departed from the popular series, Frankel's relationship with the "Watch What Happens Live!" host has been rocky at best. That did not stop her from sharing a surprising revelation about his recommendation that she marry her second husband, Jason Hoppy, during an episode of the "Just B" podcast with Jill Zarin. 

Describing the decision as the "worst idea in history," she stated, "Andy told me to marry Jason, so there we go. F**king worst idea in history." 

In another podcast episode in 2021, the "Skinnydipping: A Novel" author deemed her challenging divorce from Hoppy as a "nightmare," revealing her initial reluctance to sign a prenuptial agreement because she firmly believed "No one's taking anything from me."

In hindsight, Frankel revealed, "I have spent millions of dollars, millions of tears. I have had a horrific, hall of fame, nightmare divorce." After an eight-year-long process, ending her marriage that lasted only two years, the "ReWives" podcaster realized that she spent 20% of her life dealing with the divorce.

Reflecting on their relationship, the "Wish Me Luck" star explained, "I ended up marrying someone who was just a regular person, who seemed like they could handle all of what's going on with me, and being in reality television."

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