Sister Wives' Janelle Brown Standing With Sons Amid Kody Feud

'Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Wants Counseling Amid 'Separation' From Kody Brown

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By Afouda Bamidele on September 25, 2023 at 8:30 AM EDT

In a courageous move towards self-discovery and growth, Janelle Brown fearlessly embraces the idea of counseling while riding the waves of a tricky separation from her ex-husband, Kody Brown. With a firm grasp on her own destiny, the vivacious "Sister Wives" star proves that her happiness and well-being are non-negotiables. 

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Janelle Brown Takes Brave Step Towards Healing Amid 'Separation' With Kody Brown

On Sunday's episode of the popular reality TV show, the estranged couple decided to reunite after their previous heated argument. While their conversation was equal parts awkward but smooth, the patriarch of the Brown family was in for a rude awakening when things did not go the way he expected. 

After admitting he felt "embarrassed" about his behavior and expressed hope for reconciliation between them, Kody's ex-wife stated her desire to "stay separated for now." 

This must have been very surprising to the 54-year-old because Janelle had not even exchanged words with him since their argument. She also made sure to convey her willingness to undergo counseling, stating:

"I'm really, really willing to do some counseling if we can find somebody."

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Kody Brown at Red Carpet Opening of Nevada Ballet Theatre's The Nutcracker
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She emphasized that, at the moment, she felt it was essential for her and Kody to maintain some distance from each other. Despite the separation, the author made it clear to the father of her children, "I still have a lot of affection for you," but continued to insist, "Yeah, maybe some counseling is a good idea."

Despite the fact that she would become "completely vulnerable" financially and miss her estranged beau, the mother-of-six noted that if he genuinely desired to make things better, she might consider it. 

However, she also emphasized that counseling was contingent on Kody putting in an effort, stating, "But if he doesn't want it, I'm not going to sit here and put all the effort into trying to create this because I think there's something better for me." 

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The TV personality's willingness for counseling became evident after the duo, who announced their decades-long marriage's end last year, went on to clash over Kody's reluctance to take responsibility for staying distant from their adult children. 

Their inability to agree on the topic led her to voice doubt about the possibility of reconciliation, highlighting her inner struggle between considering a reunion or never seeing him again.

Although Kody confessed that he believed they would "reconcile right here" while promising to make a conscious effort to keep their interactions peaceful, Janelle remained unsure about the future of their relationship. Because to her, she is unsatisfied and believes that she "is not getting what I deserve from him."

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Kody Brown's Ex-wife Janelle Chooses Her Kids Over Him Amidst Their Feud

Sister Wives' Janelle Brown Standing With Sons Amid Kody Feud
Instagram | Janelle Brown

The former pair's discussion about the rift between her children and their father in the most recent episode is not the first time the matter has come up. In August, during the airing of the polygamous family's series, Janelle candidly addressed the strain between them. 

Before sharing that she would not be spending Christmas at fourth wife Robyn Brown's house, she said, "Kody's still feeling like the boys need to have a conversation with him or whatever, so we're separate," referring to her son's Gabe and Garrison.

According to her, Kody believed they "owe him a big apology and some sort of conversation and stuff for being disrespectful" for something she considered a mere disagreement. She also reaffirmed her stance on prioritizing her children and questioned the idea of spending time at Robyn's house, which is part of the larger family. In her words:

"I always said I pick my kids before Kody. What am I going to do, go to Robyn's house and hang out with Robyn's kids and Mary and Kody?" 

At the same time, Kody expressed his perspective on the holiday situation, noting his need to "clear the air" or resolve any potential conflicts in advance. He also gave an example saying:

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"If something political or something about COVID or my own experience with it comes up, and we end up devolving into an angry conversation."

The reality TV star said he wanted to do this because "That's a stupidity that I'm not going to bring into my house for holidays."

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