Kathy Griffin Believes Kanye West Is ‘Physically & Psychologically Abusing’ Wife Bianca Censori

Kathy Griffin Believes Kanye West Is Allegedly ‘Physically & Psychologically Abusing’ Wife Bianca Censori

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By Afouda Bamidele on September 22, 2023 at 9:45 AM EDT

Since news of Kanye West's marriage to Bianca Censori broke earlier this year, multiple think pieces have surfaced, with the latest coming from Kathy Griffin.

In a video recently posted to social media, the award-winning actress and comedian alleged that the rapper exhibited "controlling" behavior towards Censori, who she believes may not have a voice in their relationship.

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Kathy Griffin Levels Serious Allegations Against Ye

While many have concluded that Ye married Censori because of her physical similarities with his ex-wife, others, like Griffin have taken a deeper dive into the pair's relationship.

Taking to TikTok on Thursday, the 62-year-old posted a video where she conveyed her perspective that the "Jesus Walks" hitmaker went too far with dictating his wife's choice of dresses. After noting that she was "gonna get in trouble for this video," the Primetime Emmy Awards winner stated:

"It's easy to make fun of Kanye, I mean, I made fun of him 'cause he's crazy and nutty and does all these things but when I see those photos when she is in those pantyhose and like not even a bandeau top, it's really all about being see-through…I think she has a banging body."

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The banging body, the standup comedian claimed, looks "almost identical" to that of Kardashian, which often made her think that Ye might be physically abusing Censori.

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"And at the very least, I think he's psychologically abusing her," the "Beyond the Stars" actress said before delving into how her late brother, Ken, physically abused his partners. Tying it back to the Ye and Censori situation, Griffin explained:

"I've heard that she has a master's degree in architecture from a university in Australia, she's gorgeous and she seems to have no voice whatsoever. She's not on social media and I don't know if he's not letting her talk."

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She then pointed out the contrast in their attire, noting that Censori often wears revealing outfits while the "Heartless" rapper tends to be more covered up. From that, she moved into the viral photos of Ye getting caught with his pants down during a boat ride with his wife in Italy, expressing that the act "just reeks of abuse."

"I don't know her, I'm never going to meet her, but I just want to know what you guys think, because it just looks like something a really controlling dude would do," the "Big News" actress concluded.

Considering that Griffin asked for their opinions, her fans quickly swooped into the comments and began typing. "I have had the same immediate reaction to the photos for months, it isn't just you," one person asserted, while another claimed that the Yeezy creator "IS punishing her in Kim's place."

A third viewer commented, "I felt this!! Bianca looks so unhappy and uncomfortable. You can just tell, he's controlling and abusive." 

Other fans who been in abusive situations also shared their thoughts with this one writing, "As someone who was abused by my ex daily, I see Bianca going through what I went through. She needs to get out."

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Kanye West And 'Wife' Bianca Censori Step Out In Bizarre Outfits For Sunday Service

"I'm a DV survivor and I totally agree with you! I find it all very triggering," another person added, as a third recalled, "I was in an abusive relationship in my 20's. We flew to NY one winter, he made me wear nothing but a synthetic fur coat and hills. It's a thing, yes."

"My mom is DV survivor from her prev marriage and said how Kanye acted & treated Kim post-div reminded her of her ex," yet another TikTok user expressed.

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The Amorous Couple Were Joined By A Mystery Female Guest

As for Ye and Censori's scandalous moment, the plot thickened when The Blast reported that they weren't alone. As it turned out, the lovebirds were accompanied by an unidentified woman who likely had a clear view of the controversial action.

In case you missed it, viral images and clips on social media depicted the "All of The Lights" rapper with his pants down, exposing his bare buttocks while seated on the boat. His wife knelt in front of him, appearing to rest her head on the record producer's lap with his hand on the back of her neck.

The pictures capturing the act also featured the mystery woman in an all-black ensemble, wearing sunglasses, positioned between the couple and the boat's driver. Scenes after the incident showcased the unidentified guest disembarking the boat with a fully dressed Ye and Censori and taking a stroll around the romantic city.

While her identity remains unknown, it's been suggested that she may have been serving as a guide for Ye and Censori during their visit to Venice.

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