Farrah Abraham Annihilated on the Gram for Shading Tommy Lee's Son Over Knockout Video

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By TheBlast Staff on June 17, 2018 at 11:16 PM EDT

Farrah Abraham just learned the age old lesson about throwing stones whilst living in a glass house after she received a public lashing for interjecting herself into the Father's Day fight between Tommy Lee and his son Brandon.

In case you missed it, Brandon Lee posted a video Sunday of his father unconscious on the floor, apparently taken following their fight a few months back. He had posted the video in response to the Mötley Crüe drummer penning a Father's Day post calling his two sons "assholes."

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Tommy Lee
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The former "Teen Mom" star commented on the knockout vid, saying "Have some self control," and was immediately ripped by people who thought she should stay in her own lane, especially after just getting arrested for fighting.

Some of the public lashings by over 100 "fans," included:

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  • @beck_vonfrecks: "please tell me this is a joke? Didn't you just get arrested? for what one what sees as a lack of self control?! LOL sit down girl!"

  • @lisanjosh23: "really? This coming from the girl who attacked someone at a hotel?"

  • @minneapplemom: "Oh you're the poster child for self control."

  • @chrlatte: "AHAHAHAHAHA Farrah Abraham giving parenting advice lol"

  • @ryankinsnana: "your sooooo irrelevant. Clean up your own trashy backyard before you start giving advice. Your more pathetic than this sad drama. Your deeply disturbed and extremely lonely. Just shut up."

Abraham didn't try and clap back at any of the responses, which may have been the best decision she's recently made.

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As for Tommy and Brandon, prosecutors had declined to press charges against the 28-year-old model because his father did not want to cooperate. Tommy has yet to say anything since Brandon posted the video.

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