Selena Gomez: When In Rome ... Hit the Vape Pen

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By TheBlast Staff on August 21, 2018 at 2:16 AM EDT

Selena Gomez is usually seen as smoking hot, but on her vacation to Europe the actress is just plain smoking, or vaping rather.

The "Back to You" singer was seen walking around Rome on Tuesday. She dined at Pierluigi, which is famous for Italian seafood, and then went for a walk around the city.

In her hand, Gomez was seen clutching what appeared to be a Juul vaporizer, a nicotine alternative made popular amongst college kids. It's unclear if Gomez is a serious vaper for, or if it's just something she picked up while in Europe.

Unfortunately for Selena, her ex-BF Justin Bieber isn't into the electronic smoke -- plus his mouth is a little busy lately -- but maybe she can find some support in fellow Hollywood vape icon Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Leon Dicaprio
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