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Donna D'Errico Proves A Little Black Dress Is 'Always A Winner'

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By Kristin Myers on September 20, 2023 at 10:00 AM EDT

Actress Donna D'Errico is proving that a little black dress can never go out of style!

German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is credited with saying, “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress" and Donna is certainly proving that to be true in her latest photograph!

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'Baywatch' Babe Donna D'Errico In Little Black Dress Teases 'Last Night'

Donna D'Errico in little black dress
Instagram | Donna D'Errico

In one of her latest Instagram posts, the popular actress shared a photo standing inside a very ornately decorated room in Los Angeles, California. She is wearing a little black dress that falls to the top of her upper thighs along with open-toe sandals. Her long brown hair falls in loose waves around her shoulders as she poses for the shot.

“Last night,” she wrote in the caption along with a lip emoji and a burning heart emoji. “Beautiful,” one fan commented. “Absolutely stunning,” another follower agreed. “You look beautiful. All of your posts are amazing. Don’t let those negative people tell you otherwise,” a third fan chimed in. “Every single time, the little black dress is always a winner. Good choice, Donna,” another follower gushed.

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Donna Looks Like She's Getting Ready For A Garden Party In Her Little Black Dress!

In yet another Instagram post, the “Frank and Penelope” actress shared a carousel that contained three photos of her sitting outside in a garden. Although she is wearing a yellow dress in the last photo, she is wearing another little black dress in the first shot, along with a matching wide-brimmed black hat.

She also tagged Los Angeles, California, as the location of these snaps. “I learned my lesson well. You see, you can’t please everyone. So you got to please yourself,” she wrote in the caption. “Wise words, Donna. By the way, you look great in that black hat and scarf,” one fan commented. “Beautiful as always,” another follower agreed.

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“Wow, I love the hat,” a third fan chimed in. “Timeless beauty!! Beautiful Southern belle!!” another follower exclaimed. “100% be true to yourself, live your life the way you want to,” another fan wrote. “Classic, sophisticated, sexy lady. Always looking so beautiful and cute,” another follower shared while another fan called her “staggeringly luscious.”

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It's Not Really A Dress, But Black Is Definitely Her Color!

Donna D’Errico In Black Swimsuit Celebrates National Book Lovers Day
Instagram | Donna D'Errico

In another Instagram photo, the former “Battlebots” host shared a black and white photograph of her lounging in bed reading a book. She is wearing a black one-piece bathing suit as she keeps her eyes trained down on the book in front of her. Donna posted this snap on August 9, which just so happened to be National Book Lover’s Day.

“It’s National Book Lover’s Day. I love reading books. I love all of YOU,” she wrote in the caption. “Tell me what you’re reading.” She ended her caption with a red heart emoji and the hashtags “Link In Bio” and “Waiting For You.” One fan said that they were currently re-reading “Beach Music” by Pat Conroy. “Love his books,” they added.

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“I’ve been hooked on reading my whole life. I am currently reading Killing Moon by Jo Nesbo; he’s a pretty good author from Norway. I’m happy you are a reader. Readers are more fun to hang out with!” another follower exclaimed. “I love anything by Tess Gerritsen,” another fan offered while another follower said that they were reading "The War on the West" by Douglas Murray.

Donna D'Errico Looks Stunning No What What Color Dress She Wears!

In yet another Instagram post, Donna posed in black heels and a sparkling evening gown as she posed for a photo, showing off her long, manicured nails and glossy pink lips. “Here’s my squatting in my yard in an evening gown,” she wrote in the caption. “Have a merry night, friends.”

“Gorgeous as always,” one fan commented. “Standard yard work attire,” another follower teased. “Yasss queen!!!! Keep smiling and keep shining,” a third fan chimed in. “Wow! Incredible. You look amazing in that dress,” another follower gushed. “You are simply AMAZING, and look GLORIOUS is all the sparkles. You deserve to shine just like the Stars in the Heavens!!!!” another fan added as her followers continued to praise her "sensational" photos!

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