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The Escaped Pennsylvania Killer Danelo Cavalcante Has Been Found

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By Taylor Hodgkins on September 13, 2023 at 9:50 AM EDT
Updated on September 13, 2023 at 10:33 AM EDT

Danelo Cavalcante has been found!

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Daniel Calvalcante soggy
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Cavalcante, 34, had escaped from a Pennsylvania prison after weeks of searching. Calcante had escaped from prison last month, according to NPR, and the search for him has been active for nearly two weeks.

The outlet also reported Cavalcante had managed to wreck a lot of havoc after his escape, stealing a van and later a rifle, after "managing to skirt the authorities perimeter."

Robert Clarke, supervisor of the US Marshals fugitive task force for Eastern Pennsylvania, reported on Monday: "In the beginning we were prepping for the short game. Now, we're planning for the long game."

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New York State Police Major Brent Davidson described "the long game" as being "an all hands on deck situation. Pretty much all federal, state, and local agencies respond to the area, and it becomes a unified command," he explained to NPR's "All Things Considered."

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Convicted Pennsylvania Inmate Has Been Found

Danelo Cavalcante

Cavalcante is now in custody.

According to CNN, Pennsylvania State Police are planning to hold a press conference regarding the announcement.

The search for Cavalcante extended to South Coventry Township in Chester County on Tuesday wherein it was discovered he had been armed, the outlet also reports.

Cavalcante had reportedly been found in a private citizen's garage, shirtless two days ago, according to a news conference. He seized a .22 caliber rifle before the homeowner fired his pistol. Cavalcante then fled the scene.

Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens, who was at the helm of the press conference, also reported there had been "no need" to believe Cavalcante had sustained any injuries.

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“We consider him desperate. We consider him dangerous,” Blevens said. “I would suspect that he’s desperate enough to use that weapon.”

Residents were encouraged to take precaution by locking their doors, and were warned of Cavalcante's status of being armed. 500 law enforcement officers, including members of the FBI and Us Marshals have reportedly set up a perimeter in a wooded area where they had been searching for the inmate.

Schools were also warned of Cavalcante's presence in the area. CNN reports they were closed, and residents were warned of the police's search for Cavalcante in the area about 20 miles north.

There Were Multiple Sighting Of Cavalcante In Chester County

Footage of Danelo Cavalcante

Cavalcante had reportedly been seen in area homes on multiple occasions during the last two weeks. He had also allegedly changed his appearance and "shown up at the doorsteps of people he knew years ago," per CNN.

His mother had also spoken out about her son in the New York Times. She discussed what she believed were his strongest survival tactics, and her belief that he would be "better off dying" than being subjected to a fate of going to prison once again.

"If it's to go to a place to suffer and die in that place, it's better to die soon," she said.

"His training was his suffering," she said earlier in the interview. "It was going to sleep hungry, it was waking up as I wondered what to feel them."

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