Police Investigating Incident at LeSean McCoy's Home After Woman Alleges Assault

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By TheBlast Staff on July 10, 2018 at 3:05 AM EDT

There is now an active investigation centered around the home of LeSean McCoy, but it's unclear how the Buffalo Bills running back is involved.

Law enforcement officials confirm to The Blast there is an active investigation by the Milton Police Department into an incident that took place Monday at McCoy's Georgia home.

We're told investigators are "already working on the case," which appears to be connected to the allegations of abuse by a woman named Delicia Cordon, an alleged girlfriend of the NFL star.

As of now, it's unclear what role, if any, McCoy is playing in the investigation. After Cordon's friend posted a horrific photo appearing to show a bloody and beaten face, he released a statement calling the claims "totally baseless and offensive."

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The original post accusing McCoy of assaulting Cordon has since been deleted.

Shortly after, another alleged friend of Cordon accused McCoy of "sending dudes in her house to pistol whip and rob her!" However, those claims have not yet been confirmed by law enforcement.

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The Bills have not yet commented, although they are "aware of the situation."

As we reported, McCoy actually sued Cordon last month claiming they had broken up and she was living at his home rent-free.

McCoy's attorney in that case tells us the two actually reconciled shortly after and it was dropped. However, McCoy refiled to have her removed on July 3, which may be connected to the most recent allegations.

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