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Abby Lee Miller Under Fire For Comment About Being Attracted To High School Football Players

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By Favour Adegoke on September 12, 2023 at 11:45 AM EDT

Abby Lee Miller's comment about liking high school football players has gotten her into troubled waters.

The reality star made the remark in a podcast interview, and it led to her coming under fire from TikTok users.

It comes after she hinted at some of the things that caused her rift with her former mentee, Maddie Ziegler.

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'I Like The High School Football Player'

Speaking on Sofia Franklyn's "Sofia with an F" podcast, Miller let slip that she still crushes on "high school football players."

"I like the high school football players…. I still like them," the former "Dance Moms" star said while discussing Tom Cruise's 1983 sports drama film "All the Right Moves."

The comments caused a backlash on TikTok after one user posted a reaction video with the caption, "What do you think about what Abby said?"

Many of the TikTok users were of the opinion that Miller didn't mean her comment in any other way because she doubled down on her take.

One person said, "I was trying my best to be like 'oh she must have meant it this way' until she kept talking and I was like uhhhh."

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Abby Lee Miller Has Been Single For Years

Abby Lee Miller at "America's Got Talent" Season 14 Live Show Red Carpet

In the meantime, Miller is currently not involved with anyone and has never been married. Back in 2017, she revealed that her singleness was probably due to her very high "standards," per Entertainment Tonight.

She said at the time, "I have really high standards, and in my mind, I'm young -- I'm like 22, 23, 24… that's like the age."

Still, she admitted that it would feel good to end up with someone, as she sometimes feels tired of having to make decisions for herself all day.

"It's nice for a woman like me to go to dinner and have the man take the menu and say, 'Let me order,'" she added. "Other women would be offended by that but I'm like, 'Good. Because I can't make one more decision today.' I want someone to rub my feet without being asked."

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Abby Lee Miller On Reconciling With Maddie Ziegler

Abby Lee Miller The 3rd Annual Legacy Gala

Earlier in the month, Miller opened up about whether there was still hope of reconciliation between her and Ziegler.

Miller was Ziegler's dance instructor for many years, and the two shared a close relationship, appearing together on the reality TV show Dance Moms for six seasons.

In their falling-out, Miller attributes blame not only to Ziegler but also to her sister and mother. While she didn't go into detail about why their relationship soured, she did mention on the podcast with Franklyn that not getting a share of the profits from Ziegler's "It's a Girl Party" song played a role.

"A song that went to No. 1 in three countries on iTunes, 'It's a Girl Party.' I produced it. I bought the song. I did everything for that child. Mack Z was my creation," she said, per People magazine.

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"The video itself was $27,000 and I got my $27,000 back immediately because the video went to No. 1 too, but I've never seen one penny from the music," she added. "And I had a 360 deal with Mackenzie. So where is it?"

Maddie Ziegler Says She 'Was Sick Of Being In A Toxic Environment'

Charlies Angels World Premiere Arrivals

On Ziegler's part, leaving Miller was due to getting overwhelmed by what she described as "toxic" experiences, per People.

"She was distraught [when I left]. For the longest time, we felt so guilty," Ziegler recalled of Miller. "She trained me, she helped me, but also, I knew I would be okay without her and I was sick of being in a toxic environment."

She continued, "I was like, 'This is not for me. I can't do this.' I haven't spoken to her since. I feel at peace."

In January, Miller finally sold the dance studio where she trained Ziegler to a local couple, who plan to turn it into a daycare center. In an Instagram video at the time, she said it was the right career decision for her life but also said the choice was very bittersweet.

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