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By TheBlast Staff on July 16, 2018 at 11:31 PM EDT

Travis Scott better dig himself a shallow grave because he definitely didn't know sh*t about his baby mama when GQ tested his knowledge on all things Kylie Jenner.

The duo appeared on the cover of GQ, marking their first joint photo shoot, but it's the "Kylie Quiz" they played which has got people talking — mainly because Travis failed at the most obvious questions.

The whole game is centered around the youngest Kardashian — she asks Travis questions about herself and he has to give the correct answer to get a point.

Seems pretty simple, right?

Well, it would be if he knew things like the names of her dogs. Yep, he got that one wrong.

You have to watch the whole thing to really get an insight on their relationship.

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As The Blast reported, Kylie and Travis welcomed their first child, Stormi, back in February.

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Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner
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