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Sharon Osbourne Doesn't Understand Why Stars Make Ozempic Use A 'Dirty Little Secret'

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on September 11, 2023 at 11:00 AM EDT

Sharon Osbourne wants celebrities to be truthful about their weight loss process!

While most celebrities have shied away from the Ozempic topic, “The Talk” co-host has never been one to do so. For a fact, she has openly talked about using the drug to achieve her current weight. 

As the former “X Factor” host is candid with her weight loss process, she wants others to do the same. She recently aired out her thoughts, claiming the use of the drug is not “a dirty little secret.”

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Sharon Osbourne Claims The Use Of Ozempic Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of 

In a candid conversation, the music manager spoke about using the famous diabetic drugs to shed weight. When asked what she thought of the “ozempic craze” and if “celebs should be more upfront about being on it,” Sharon did not hold back her thoughts. 

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The 70-year-old TV host slammed other celebrities for crediting other means for their weight loss and keeping quiet about their use of Ozempic. “I still don’t get why people want to be seen as perfect,” the media personality lamented to E! News.

“Oh, I did it through working out; I walk six miles every morning. Oh, I am on a diet, I cleanse my body,’ and all that rubbish. Oh, who cares? It is your path; whatever you choose is up to you.”

Osbourne continued, emphasizing that using artificial means to lose weight is not something to be shy about. “And it’s not a dirty little secret; why make it a dirty little secret and try to make yourself perfect when you have taken something to help you lose weight, which is perfectly fine? It’s perfectly fine.”

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Further in the conversation, Osbourne disclosed how many pounds the medication helped her lose. Comparing her previous weight to her current weight, she noted that she once weighed 230 pounds but is now under 100 pounds. 

However, the author stated she is still striving to find the ideal balance in her life. In her words, “And I want to maintain at about 105 because I’m too skinny. But I’m trying to have a healthy balance."

In May, the former “AGT” judge revealed that she lost 30 pounds from consistently using the drugs and suffered some side effects. “I took it for four months, and I lost 30 pounds, but like everything, there’s always no quick recipe,” Sharon disclosed.

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“I was very sick for a couple of months. The first couple of months, I just felt nauseous. Every day, I felt nauseous, my stomach was upset, whatever.”

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She continued, “But listen, I took it for four months; I lost 30 pounds. I’ve just shoved two chips in my mouth while we had the break, and I eat normally now, and I haven’t put on a pound. Nothing.”

‘The Talk’ Co-host’s Cosmetics Surgery Is The Butt Of The Joke For Her Family

Aside from being open about using Ozempic, Sharon has also been candid about her cosmetic surgery. Hence, when her 37-year-old son Jack poked fun at her numerous cosmetic surgeries, she was the least offended. 

Earlier in the month, Jack made light of Sharon’s body-changing procedure in a teaser of their recently rebooted family podcast, “The Osbourne Podcast.” The “Haunted Highway” star compared his mother’s cosmetics surgeries to the maintenance routine of a car.

“I thought you had, like, a two- or three-year, like, tune-up. It’s like a car,” the 37-year-old joked, adding, “Every 5,000 miles, Mom goes in for a tune-up.”

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Responding to the humorous tease, Sharon advised that plastic surgery was something “everybody” should undergo at some point. Sharon’s claims were supported by her 38-year-old daughter Kelly.

The fashion model added that she would also do some plastic surgery to keep flaps away from her neck. “I do not want one of those necks in which you can flick. That will never happen,” Kelly said.

“The Celebrity Apprentice” star’s plastic procedures over the years included a facelift, a brow lift, a nose job, and Botox injections. She has also had liposuction breast and augmentation. She admitted in her 2013 autobiography, “Unbreakable,” that her body has undergone several treatments. 

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According to Sharon, she had “tweaked, stretched, peeled, lasered, veneered, enhanced or removed altogether” sections of her body and wouldn’t have any more procedures in the future.

However, she still had a few more plastic jobs done, including one in 2019 and another in 2021. While the former gave the TV sensation her desired result, the latter turned wrong, leaving the TV personality looking like a “f***ing Cyclops.”

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