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By TheBlast Staff on July 23, 2018 at 9:23 PM EDT
Updated on September 18, 2023 at 5:47 PM EDT

Kathy Griffin's battle with her neighbors ended in a restraining order stalemate so they've decided to take things up a notch and sue her for invasion of privacy.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Griffin and her boyfriend, Randy Bick, are being sued by Sandra and Jeffrey Mezger (who is the CEO of KB Homes).

The lawsuit rehashes the protracted war between Griffin and the Mezgers, who claim that Griffin and hey boyfriend illegally captured hundreds of hours of audio and video from the Mezgers' backyard.

The Mezgers are suing for invasion of privacy and seeking an injunction barring Griffin from recording them. They are asking for damages, including $5,000 per instance they were recorded.

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As The Blast first reported, Griffin filed for a restraining order against Mezger — and then Mezger filed for one against Griffin — after the two neighbors had numerous confrontations centered around noise complaints.

Griffin claims she and Mezger have been feuding for over a year due to excessive noise from Mezger's property. She alleges that Mezger and his wife have thrown garbage on her property and turned loud stereo speakers to face directly onto her property.

During one incident in 2016, Griffin claims that Mezger bragged about greasing the palms of the Homeowner's Association "so they look the other way." She claims that when security came to his house for a noise complaint, he said he "just turned his backyard speakers in your direction and blared my Johnny Cash loud."

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The Huffington Post published audio an incident between Mezger and Griffin in September 2017. Mezger can be heard screaming profanities at Griffin and Bilk, calling her a "bald dyke" and a "c***." Griffin and Bilk had called the police to report a noise disturbance coming from Mezger's home, Huffington Post claims, which set off the incident.

At one point, Mezger can be heard saying, "Hey Randy, go f*** yourself. Seriously? You call on my grandkids at 9 o’clock? You’re not even the f***ing owner. You’re stuck with a f***ing bald dyke who Donald Trump kind of put the heat on. Now you’re calling the cops? F*** you and f*** Kathy. You’re not our f***ing neighbor, you’re a f***ing asshole."

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