Doja Cat bends over for her fans

Doja Cat Promotes New Album 'Scarlet' With The Cheekiest Serve Ever

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By Rima Pundir on September 4, 2023 at 8:00 PM EDT

Doja Cat is serving some cheeky looks all tied up with a bow, and if she looks demonic, well, it's mission accomplished for the rapper. And her fans!

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Doja Cat Cheekily Bends Over For 'True' Fans

Doja Cat bends over for her fans for 'cheeky' serve
Instagram | Doja Cat

Doja Cat has been in the news for more than just her music in the past few days after she went off on a Twitter rant about all the fan sites that had been using her name. Doja felt that they were no one to police her, and said so rather bluntly, causing her fan following on social media to fall by the hundreds of thousands. Not that Doja cares, given that recently, she compared the fan exodus to "defeating a large beast."

That said, Doja is always here to serve fans with everything, as she showed off her "cheekiest" angle, bending over for fans in a tiny skirt. The "Boss B---h" singer captioned the serve which has plenty of other pictures of her with a red bow emoji and fans could not help but exclaim, "The cheeks are cheeking!!! Let’s go Doja!!!!"

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Others noticed the fitness more than the sensuality, writing, "The hamstrings though!"

The 27-year-old also showed off some rather unique looks, wearing different colored lenses in both eyes, and also showing off teal mascara on the lower lashes. Most fans were sure this was Doja shooting a new video, while other fanned over "Demons", writing, "Words can’t describe how much I NEED this ALBUM. I NEEEEEEED IT TO LIVE..."

Here's Doja with some unique looks and poses!

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'Demons' Gets Mixed Results From Music Lovers

Doja Cat in a demonic look for "Demons"
Instagram | Doja Cat

The "Juicy" singer also had mixed results with her recent release of album art, 'Scarlet' after fans noticed that the red spider staring at a drop of blood looked almost the same as German metal band Chaver's next album, "Of Gloom." Ironically, both albums are dropping on the same day, Sept. 22.

She deleted the original art and now has an updated cover, not offering an explanation for the same. The cover is still theme arachnid, but now has two spiders facing each other, with pearls embedded on their backs.

What is "disturbing" fans even more is her new horror-pop song, "Demons" and Doja is sparing no scary sight for it, with plenty of pictures of her dressed in a demonic form, with prosthetic makeup, even as she roped in Christina Ricci to add in some Addams Family flair!

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Of course, plenty of trolls tried to bring religion into the song, wondering why Doja was glorifying the devil, but for the rest, it was all good as one wrote, "This is exactly the type of vibe I was hoping for with you channeling this new era."


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Fans Still Unhappy With Doja Cat Over Choice In Men

Doja Cat with rumored BF, Jeffrey Cyrus
Instagram | Doja Cat

Doja's fans are also miffed about her choice of men, given that she's been sparking romance rumors with Twitch streamer Jeffrey “J” Cyrus since November last year. The two have been seen together at various places over the months, although neither one of them has confirmed their relationship.

The problem with Cyrus, as per Doja's fans, is that he has been accused of abuse with allegations of harassment, emotional abuse, and racism, so they feel the singer deserves better.

In fact, one fan also wrote a comment, writing, "The man in the last two pictures doesn't deserve you." Ironically, it was this interference in her personal life that Doja has been speaking about. She has let fans know via her social media posts that they have no right to tell her what to do, given they don't even know her. While she has received flak from her social media followers, many felt that she was right in speaking out - given that being a celebrity doesn't give online fans and followers a right to interfere in their lives.

While some of her online followers still like to give her unsolicited, others are here to simply appreciate all her different looks, writing, "Man I know shawty fun, all the different characters and styles consistent, it’s like dating a new woman!"

Like this one:

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