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Jana Kramer's First Child Wished For A New Sibling Before Pregnancy

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By Afouda Bamidele on September 2, 2023 at 3:00 PM EDT

Jana Kramer made her daughter Jolie's dreams come true when she disclosed she was pregnant with her third child.

In a new video posted to social media, the adorable girl was beyond giddy at finding out that she would be a sibling for the second time. As it turned out, Kramer's daughter had been praying about getting a new sibling for quite some time and could not contain her joy when she finally got her prayers answered.

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Jana Kramer's Daughter Gave The Sweetest Reaction To The News Of Her Pregnancy

On Wednesday, Kramer opened the waterworks when she shared a clip that captured the moment she informed Jolie of her third pregnancy. For the big event, the mother-daughter duo sat across from each other on the "One Tree Hill" alum's bed.

Setting the conversation in motion, the expectant star asked, "What do you want the surprise secret to be?" to which Jolie instantly responded, "Baby brother [or] a diamond."

She then explained to her eldest child that she has been under the weather because of her pregnancy, stating, "You've been so patient and so good, like, loving and just taking care of Mommy. Mommy has a baby in her belly."

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The news expectedly got the seven-year-old visibly excited, and she asked, "Where?" When her mom pointed to her belly to reiterate her statement, she queried further, "Right there? Right now?"

As Jolie let out a scream, her mother added, "That's why Mommy's been so sick, I've got a baby [growing inside me]." Kramer made the atmosphere extra special when she said:

"I wanted to share this moment with you because you're my first [child] and you are just the love of my life. I wanted to tell you first and I wanted to have something together."

Jolie then asked her superstar parent if God "did this," while clasping her hands together. "[My] wish came true," she further exclaimed before the country music singer divulged that she knew about her daughter's continuous prayers for a new sibling.

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In the caption of the super sweet footage, the "Soccer Mom Madam" recalled, "The day I told Jolie. I wanted to tell her first just us. 'Did God do this?' Yes baby girl yes ♥️??."

Besides getting nearly 100k, the video also got fans in their feelings in the comments, with this person exclaiming, "I'm not crying, you're crying. So special!!!!" A second fan effused, "The tears Jana!!!!! What a magical moment, so so special. Thanks for sharing."

Another person advised, "Chills ? also let's get that diamond too," while a fourth netizen noted, "Oh my gosh - tears ???? how precious ❤️❤️❤️❤️," as a fifth claimed that they were "Crying in the club."

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Jana Kramer Treats Daughter Jolie To A Magical Water Park Birthday Party
Instagram | Jana Kramer

Kramer made the news of her pregnancy public in June, shortly after she and her man, Allan Russell, got engaged. At the time, The Blast observed that the 39-year-old had used an image of her positive home pregnancy test result to back up the update. 

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The 'Why Ya Wanna' Artist Hosted A Topnotch Party For Jolie's Latest Birthday

In February, The Blast reported that the "I Got the Boy" singer had thrown a delightful water park-themed birthday party in honor of Jolie's seventh birthday. She showed off the sights of the shindig with a heartwarming clip, highlighting the pure delight and happiness of her daughter and her friends.

The reel began with the proud mother, her daughter, son— Jace, their friends, and other adults wheeling their suitcases to board a plane before viewers got a view of the celebrant's enthusiastic reaction upon discovering their room and the toys thoughtfully laid out for her. As for the party itself, it involved guests playing arcade games and partaking in various water-based activities available at the resort.

"What a special and memorable trip with my babies. Loved celebrating my Jolie, and there is nothing better than seeing your child so happy," Kramer expressed in the accompanying caption, wrapping up with an appreciation towards "@greatwolflodge" — who hosted the event and provided an enjoyable stay. 

Promptly, the comments section overflowed with fans extending their warm wishes to the birthday celebrant and offering compliments to her mother for organizing such a wonderful celebration.

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