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Comedian Justin Martindale 'Draws The Line' On Friendship With Heather McDonald

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By MLC on August 30, 2023 at 2:15 PM EDT

Who knew the comedy world had so much drama… just sayin’!

Comedian and podcast host, Justin Martindale, recently spoke out about the demise of his friendship with fellow comedian, Heather McDonald.

You may recognize Heather from her time on “Chelsea Lately,” her small cameo as the sales clerk in “White Chicks” or her popular podcast, “Juicy Scoop.”

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Justin Martindale & Heather McDonald Are Feuding

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Instagram / Justin Martindale

Justin and Heather were friends for 10+ years, but according to the Comedy Store mainstay, their friendship took a turn in March.

During this week’s episode of Justin’s podcast, “JUST SAYIN’ with Justin Martindale,” he took time to explain his side of the story.

“I wanted to take this time to address something that’s been on my mind. I did not want to talk about this. I like staying out of conflict and drama, but since some incidences have occurred over the past weekend, I thought it was time to shine a light on a little something that has been brewing inside me for awhile,” Justin stated.

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He began by explaining that they have been friends for over 10 years, he’s appeared on “Juicy Scoop” 33 times over the course of three years. Justin admitted to being a fan of “Chelsea Lately” and her comedic guests when he first started making guest appearances on Heather’s podcast.

He even looked to Heather as a mentor and a friend.

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Justin Explains What Led To His Tipping Point With Heather

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Instagram / Justin Martindale

“Over the weekend I found out my friend, Heather McDonald, comedian and host of ‘Juicy Scoop,’ that I was occasionally was on for about 33 times, and I’ve also featured for over 15 live shows with her, she charged her listeners on Patreon to speak about her side of a story about all this drama that’s been going on between us,” he explained. “This is where I draw the line. Making money off of my name to change the narrative to save face.”

"Disclaimer! The Blast does not subscribe to individual celebrity Patreon accounts, therefore, we were unable to hear Heather’s side of the story."

Things started to get a little funky in March after Justin had a run-in, albeit pleasant, with Jeff Lewis.

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“I don’t know the whole Jeff Lewis crew, at this time, I know who Jeff Lewis is. I didn’t know the beef between everybody. I just stayed in my lane,” the comedian admitted.

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According to Justin, Lewis wanted to have him on his SiriusXM show, “Jeff Lewis Live,” but there was someone standing in the way.

Lewis basically told Justin he couldn’t have him on the show, because “I have to have Heather’s approval. Heather won’t let you be on ‘JLL.’”

It also happened that March was Justin’s birthday month and she skipped his birthday party on the 17th, St. Patrick’s Day.

But he wasn’t going to charge his fans to listen to a Patreon episode of him talking about Heather not coming to his birthday.

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Instagram / Justin Martindale

Instead, the former ‘Chelsea Lately’ contributor called to complain to him for an hour about some drama that happened at Kelly Dodd’s pool party.

The incident went down between Heather and Megan Weaver, a recurrent guest on ‘JLL.’

According to Heather, Megan allegedly said, “the most cruel things that anyone has ever said to me” at the party.

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But back to Heather and Justin.

Prior to May, Justin was appearing on Heather’s podcast free of charge with zero compensation.

“We started getting paid in May 2023. My last episode was in July, so she started paying us per episode in May. I thought this was fair,” which is something he admitted being totally fine with.

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The Friendship Quickly Crumbled In May!

What Justin wasn’t fine with was her unwillingness to participate in his “Drag Isn’t Dangerous” telethon that same month.

He had asked Heather for a quick video to show her support for the LGBTQ+ community and for the telethon.

Justin said, “She looked me in the eyes and said ‘No. No, I can’t do this. I don’t want my fans to get mad at me.’ That kind of shook me a little bit.”

This led to his fans asking why he was associating with Heather and anti-LGBT rhetoric.

From May to July, Justin began to shield himself and pull away from her.

Fast forward to a July episode of “Juicy Scoop” in which the movie “Sound of Freedom” was brought up. The movie is about child sex trafficking.

The Podcast Episode That Lit Up Juicy Scoop Listeners

He explained that he knew nothing about the movie, but given he’s a comedian he made a comment in jest. It was something that could’ve been edited out, but “she knew what she was doing.”

This sent her podcast fans into overdrive, and they began attacking Justin on social media. He received very hateful, explicit and threatening messages.

At no point did Heather attempt to deescalate the situation with her fans or shut down the negative comments.

To add insult to injury, Justin was sent screenshots of Heather liking comments calling him a “narcissist and a groomer.”

He confronted her and she fed him a big ole bowl of BS!

Their deteriorating relationship led Justin to bow out of live shows in both Napa and Las Vegas.

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Additional shady actions were made by Heather, according to Justin, which further soured the situation.

“I wanted this to fizzle out. I was tired. It was taking a lot out of my mental health, my relationship with my boyfriend, my friendships, as well as my creative process,” Justin noted before ending the episode. “I have nothing to lose or gain from talking about this. I’m just holding her accountable for her actions, because clearly, she can’t do that for herself.”

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