Paul Bettany slays fans with shirtless thirst trap

Paul Bettany Shirtless Thirst Trap Explains Why Wanda Brought Him Back!

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By Rima Pundir on August 31, 2023 at 9:30 PM EDT

Paul Bettany, the man behind J.A.R.V.I.S and Vision just put up a marvelous thirst trap that is making fans lose their marbles, even as he waved it off as nothing more than showcasing photographic talent!

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Paul Bettany Is Making Fans Have A 'Vision!'

Paul Bettany drops a thirst trap in name of photographic talent
Instagram | Paul Bettany

When Paul Bettany is not posting pictures of his dog, his kids, and his stunning wife, Jennifer Connelly, he shares pictures of jackets, stolen bags, and more. what he doesn't do, usually, is post a thirst trap. So when he did share a picture of him looking hunky sans a shirt with some impressive pecs and abs, the man simply attributed it to photographic talent.

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Wrote the Marvel star, "Summer in Italy and Spain!!! Just to clarify, I’m posting this picture only… ONLY to showcase my cousin @lucasaconnelly talent as a photographer and not… ABSOLUTELY NOT because I’m vain and he made my abs look pretty good for a man of my advanced years." He ended with a much-needed wink emoji, so one fan replied in kind, cheekily writing, "Let's all pretend I'm leaving this comment to appreciate your cousin's talent and not because you look fiNE."

One fan felt now they truly knew the "Reason why Wanda brought him back!" while another chimed, "How am I supposed to focus on Psychology homework when you are posting things like this Paul?"

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The stunning picture showed Bettany in black and white with the sea behind him, wearing shades and staring rather intently into the camera - although most fans saw only the muscles, reminding him how the photographer "made the biceps look bigger too!"

Here's that thirsty pic!

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Fans Gush Over His Muscles & Wife Jennifer Connelly

Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly are body goals
Instagram | Paul Bettany

Some fans were so blown away by Bettany's new pumped-up physique, that they felt he needed to move from Vision, writing, "Move over Vision. I hear they are looking for a replacement for Neptune or at the very least rebooting Aquaman…holy moly. x"

Others called him "gorgeous," "stunning," and even "beautiful" while some of his female fans felt his wife, Jennifer Connelly was so lucky.

Mind you, for the men, it's the opposite, as one Connelly fan told Bettany, straight up, "Because I love Paul Bettany as an actor & person I wish him nothing but love. That said, his wife is the only woman on the planet I’d leave my wife for."

Others felt that seeing the two together was a "Spectacular picture of two spectacular people."

Bettany and Connelly met while filming "A Beautiful Mind" in 2001, and began dating after production wrapped up. Since then, the "Top Gun" actress and the "WandaVision" star have been together, marrying in 2003. They also share a daughter Agnes Lark and a son Stellan and together raised Connelly's son, Kai Dugan, (from photographer ex David Dugan).

Meanwhile given that both of them are actors, there has got to be some competition in the house, no?

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A Dog Lover But An Accessory Stealer!

Paul Bettany thirst trap catches fans by surprise
Instagram | Paul Bettany

Paul Bettany is also quite the animal lover as many of his IG posts are all about dogs. That said, he also tends to steal things he likes, including a YSL jacket he named Gary, and a yet-unnamed Louis Vuitton bag from his wife!

His dog, Wallis is also fond of fine things and so in his latest Instagram share, Bettany showed how Wallis is loving the Overland put on his classic Land Rover Defender, so dog and man are certainly two of a kind.

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Meanwhile, Bettany also loves to post wonderful things about his children, making dad jokes at the same time. He left another beachy thirst trap with this caption, "When my son Kai exits the ocean he sort of looks like James Bond. When I exit the ocean I tend to go for a more "sunburnt Englishman with sensitive feet" kind of thing. I say "oooo and ouch and somebody help me!"

Here's another stunning pic from Bettany that left his fans gasping, this time with laughter!

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