Kodak Black Is Heading Straight to See His Mom When He Gets Out of Jail

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By TheBlast Staff on August 17, 2018 at 4:51 AM EDT

Kodak Black will be getting out of jail on Saturday and rather than head straight to a Vegas-style release party, he's heading home to see his mom.

According to our sources, Black's release process should start right around midnight and once he's processed out, it's straight to mom's in Florida. We're told Black's young son, who was at the center of his arrest, will be there as well.

Our sources say once he gets settled, Black wants to get back to making music.

Back in April, the rapper was sentenced to one year in county jail even though he was facing up to 12 years behind bars. Kodak Black pled guilty to two probation violations, including driving on a suspended license and “associating with people committing crimes.”

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As The Blast previously reported, police witnessed the rapper in the presence of cannabis and ammunition during an Instagram Live stream. His powerhouse attorney, Bradford Cohen, argued that there was no way to prove that the weed and ammo from the video could be determined to be authentic, and the charges should be dropped.

The violation charges were dropped and other charges, including child neglect, that were connected to a police raid on his home, were also dropped.

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