Aerosmith's Joe Perry Hints at MTV VMA Collab with Post Malone

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By TheBlast Staff on August 20, 2018 at 2:36 AM EDT

Word around town is that Aerosmith is going to be closing out the MTV VMA's with Post Malone, and Joe Perry isn't doing anything to shoot the rumors down.

Aerosmith was walking around NYC Monday afternoon ahead of the VMA's at the Radio City Music Hall and everyone was asking about the widely-circulated rumor that they will be taking the stage.

Steven Tyler wasn't having any of it and brushed off all the questions from photogs, but Joe Perry offered up some real insight. The legendary guitarist says he's just not sure what's going on, but admits that Post Malone would be a great choice to replace Run-D.M.C. for the hit song, "Walk This Way."

Minutes later, drummer Joey Kramer doesn't even need much coaxing before he offers up Posty's name, but then clams up about giving more details.

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The move would make sense, considering Aerosmith has been out promoting their much-anticipated Vegas residency since last week. Also, Malone was out around the same area this morning talking about Justin Bieber's upcoming bachelor party.

If we had to place a bet, we'd say put your money on Aerosmith and Post Malone for tonight.

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