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WNBA Star Breanna Stewart Responds To Young Fan With A Birthday Surprise

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By Melanie VanDerveer on August 23, 2023 at 1:30 PM EDT

A young New York Liberty fan got an amazing birthday surprise when his sister shared a photo and video of him with his birthday cake and gift on social media.

Not only did the young fan get his first pair of WNBA star Breanna Stewart's signature shoes, Stewie 1's, he also got a surprise invitation thanks to his sister's social media post.

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Breanna Stewart Responded To A Young Fan's Birthday Post On Social Media

Josiah Canto
The Hallie Canto - Instagram

When Josiah's big sister Hallie shared a social media post about his birthday, she couldn't have known the amazing gift she just helped her brother get for his birthday.

"My lil brother Josiah celebrated his bday today & received his first Stewie 1's. His favorite basketball team is the New York Liberty and his favorite player is Breanna Stewart. His dream is to meet Stewie," she tweeted.

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She replied to her post saying, "I think he would pass out if he ever met Stewie. All he ever does is talk about her and how much her game means to him."

And after Stewart noticed Josiah's birthday post, his sister shared, "His exact words after realizing Stewie noticed him: 'Iā€™m about to faint.'"

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Stewart shared Hallie's post and added a birthday surprise Josiah is not soon to forget - an invitation to a Liberty game. What an amazing birthday gift for this young fan who dreams of going to a game and meeting Stewart!

Stewart and the Liberty shared Josiah's birthday post on Instagram, so we're sure Josiah had an extra special birthday, and can't wait to hear about his experience going to a game and meeting his idol.

Many fans and followers also left birthday messages for Josiah on the Liberty's Instagram post.

"This new generation is class ??????. Good job, parents!! Happy B-day Josiah!!" one person wrote. Another added, "Happy Birthday lil man! Dope to see his pure excitement!"

PUMA Stewie 1's Are The First Women's Signature Basketball Shoe To Be Released In More Than A Decade

Stewie 1's
Nice Kicks - Instagram

Stewart's signature shoes were the first women's signature shoes to be released in more than 10 years. She recently shared a video on Instagram about the Stewie 2 Water that was recently released.

"This is Stewie 2 Water. You know when I think of water, I think of drip. I think of buckets. I think of just being fluid on the court. I just love this shoe. Those are all the things that represent me," she said in the video.

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Back in May, Stewart introduced her Stewie 2 Apple Pizza Crumble PE, a tribute to her grandma.

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The Liberty star has also shared her other shoes on Instagram with photos and videos including her Stewie 2 Earth, Stewie 1 Reintroduce, and others.

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