Jamie Lee Curtis slammed for wearing mask and asking others to do so

Jamie Lee Curtis SLAMMED For Sparking COVID Fears (Sorry Mike Myers)

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By Rima Pundir on August 24, 2023 at 6:00 AM EDT

Jamie Lee Curtis is mostly fanned and fawned upon for her social media shares but one of her recent posts has made the trolls rise up. En masse.

With the latest uptick in COVID cases with multiple variants, the mask mandate might be making a comeback but people want Curtis to stop spreading fear.

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Jamie Lee Curtis Is Back In A Mask

Jamie Lee Curtis is back in a mask for COVID
Instagram | Jamie Lee Curtis

Curtis just shared a picture of her wearing a COVID mask, a cloth one, in a stark black and white picture that seemed to spark rather emotional responses in many of her followers and fans. While she tried to lighten the deal by wearing a Mike Myers mask, the humor fell flat, even as some felt she was doing the right thing.

Curtis, 64, captioned her image, "And we're BAAAAACCCCKKKK. No, not Michael Myers but masking will be. COVID is on the rise. SO MANY friends now are really sick. BE MINDFUL. WEAR A MASK if required or even if you feel unwell and are out in public spaces."

Plenty of her fans stood right by her, lauding her for the message and sharing their own POV:

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"I never stopped masking. Not once. My family is immunocompromised and I love them more than anything."

"I think it’s really f---ing gross and privileged of someone to actively choose not to mask. I care about my family. I care about my life. It’s their choice to be stupid and take risks, it’s not mine."

"I have an autoimmune disease, and have a sibling who went through a transplant. So I’m not going to risk their or my health. You can believe in or not in masks, personally, I don’t care. I agree with Jamie Lee Curtis."

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Not Everybody Agreed With The Academy Award Winner

Fans disagree with Jamie Lee Curtis masking up
Instagram | Jamie Lee Curtis

While there are plenty who believe in the mask mandate, keeping themselves and others safe, many others are staunchly against it, for varied reasons.

Wrote one social media user, "Get your fitness and eat healthy people! Get some vitamin D from the sun and take other vitamins our body needs. Let’s stop normalizing bad health and obesity. Masks are our least concern when it comes to our “HEALTH!"

For others, this was more a political issue as one accused Jamie Lee Curtis:

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"I wonder how much the Biden administration paid you to install fear in people again. Didn’t wear them last time and won’t wear them this time! And I definitely ain’t taking the clot shots or boosters!! Wake up, people!!"

Another one chimed, on the same note, slamming the Oscar winner, "You have some nerve spreading fear. So disgusting, do not comply people do not let the government control you, please."

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Jamie Lee Curtis Is Just Following The Mask Mandate

Jamie Lee Curtis advocates wearing a mask
Instagram | Jamie Lee Curtis

Of course, it's not as if Jamie Lee Curtis is shooting off the top of her head and just wants to wear masks. The mandate is coming back, and we speak of the film industry, amid rising COVID cases in LA, Lionsgate has brought back the mask mandate for nearly half of the company’s employees at its flagship office in Santa Monica. For now, this is only for the employees on the 3rd and 5th floor of the office and is in response to several employees testing positive.

As per various media reports, COVID cases have been on the rise for the past several weeks. Although the spread is still contained and not rising as quickly as in the past years, with new variants the authorities are rightfully concerned.

For now, the EG.5 (nicknamed Eris) variant is estimated to be the "dominant" strain in the U.S. The authorities are also closely monitoring FL.1.5.1 (dubbed Fornax)  and then another highly mutated strain of the virus called BA.2.86, this one nicknamed “Pirola.”

While many disagreed with Jamie Lee Curtis' stand, others felt she was right in taking a stand early on. Nipping the spread of the diseases in the bud is perhaps the only way to get a handle on it. While human immunity to COVID may have improved, with vaccinations as well, ultimately the new mutations could pose a new risk. So here's to Jamie Lee Curtis doing what must be done!

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