Amid abuse allegations, Jonah Hill is sporting a much leaner physique

Jonah Hill's Alleged '40-Pound' Weight Loss Raises Concerns: 'He's Lost Too Much Weight Too Fast'

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By Favour Adegoke on August 19, 2023 at 6:30 AM EDT

Actor Jonah Hill's weight loss has raised eyebrows about his well-being following ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady's scathing emotional abuse allegations.

Brady's Instagram Stories in July detailed alleged mistreatment. She called the actor a "misogynist" for allegedly dictating the kind of pictures she could post on her Instagram page and the sort of friends she should keep.

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Jonah Hill Has Been 'Through So Much Recently'

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill's noticeable weight loss has reportedly raised concerns among those close to him, who worry that it might be linked to the stress he's facing following abuse allegations from his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Brady.

According to RadarOnline, the "This Is the End" actor is known for his history of panic attacks, and his friends fear these recent events could trigger his anxiety again. 

An insider close to the actor noted, "Jonah has been through so much recently and has seen his name dragged through the mud. The fear is he's using food to manage his anxiety."

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Although not personally treating Hill, a doctor speculated that the actor might have shed around "40 pounds" in a span of a few months, observing his ongoing weight loss. The medical professional added, "He's lost too much weight too fast."

A mental health specialist also told the news outlet that Brady's allegations are "without a doubt impacting his weight."

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He Was Accused Of Being A 'Misogynist'

Jonah Hill's Ex Sarah Brady Shows Support To Alexa Nikolas After She Accused The Actor Of Assault

In early July, Hill's ex-girlfriend Brady made bold allegations about their past romance, which lasted between 2021 to 2022, on her Instagram Stories.

Brady wrote a cautionary message for girls in her post: "This is a warning to all girls. If your partner is talking to you like this, make an exit plan. Call me if you need an ear."

She went on to share multiple text exchanges allegedly between her and Hill during their time together, emphasizing that it was time to reveal her side of the story. 

Alongside a reposted picture she had previously removed, Brady noted, "Reviving a pic I took down by request of a misogynist narcissist."

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She also highlighted an alleged set of conditions Hill had outlined for their relationship, indicating he respected her choices while expressing his preferences for his life, what he called his "boundaries."

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Jonah Hill Slammed As Emotionally Abusive And A 'Misogynist' By Ex-Girlfriend Sarah Brady

Hill's alleged text, which was quite extensive, outlined a series of behaviors he deemed inappropriate if he and Brady were to pursue a romantic relationship. Among the listed restrictions were activities like "surfing with men," maintaining "inappropriate friendships with men," and even posting pictures of herself in a bathing suit.

Furthermore, he allegedly made it clear that if Brady felt the need to "model" or share "sexual pictures" or if she had any friendships with women from her "wild recent past," then he considered himself unsuitable as her partner.

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Brady later shared more screenshots of an alleged conversation with Hill, where the actor sexted her after their break up. In the discussion, she called out Hill for maintaining a relationship with her while trying to start another with Olivia Miller, his present partner.

Jonah Hill Spotted In Malibu After 'Misogynist' Allegations

Jonah Hill at Netflix's 'Don't Look Up' world film premiere, Arrivals, New York

After the allegations, Hill was spotted in Malibu in early August, trying to maintain a positive demeanor. 

The "Wolf of Wall Street" actor ventured out to enjoy the waves and surf. In photos obtained by Daily Mail, Hill donned a wetsuit while strolling on the sandy shores.

When questioned by a photographer about Brady's claims, Hill, seen with his surfboard, chose not to comment and retreated into a nearby beach bungalow.

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Jonah Hill And Olivia Millar Welcome First Baby


In June, Hill and his partner Millar welcomed their first child. The couple's representative confirmed the news to People magazine on Friday, although specific details about the baby's birth, including the sex, remain undisclosed.

Hill was first romantically linked to the online vintage clothing retailer Chasseresse co-founder in August 2022. Their relationship became evident when they were seen sharing a kiss on a Malibu beach.

Subsequently, the couple embarked on a road trip to Santa Barbara with Millar's family, including her sister Raychel Roberts.

On January 10, the lovebirds were captured shopping at a children's clothing store during their Hawaii trip. While Hill sported a casual tee and swimming trunks, Olivia was seen in a white bikini top and a flowing purple skirt.

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