Floyd Mayweather Gave Chris Brown's Baby Mama $20,000 'Gift'

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By TheBlast Staff on September 3, 2018 at 10:33 PM EDT

Chris Brown's baby mama has no problem shouting from the rooftops about Breezy allegedly owing her money for their daughter, but she hasn't been as vocal about another celebrity who did financially supported her in a big way -- Floyd Mayweather Jr.

During a recent deposition by Brown's legal team regarding a possible increase in child support, Nia Guzman said she only makes around $400 per month in income from, an online clothing store inspired by the ex-couple's 4-year-old daughter.

Guzman said she started the company with a $20,000 gift from a friend, and when Brown's lawyers asked about the investor, she would only say he was a "silent friend" that helped her start the business. She doubled down about not revealing the identity for the financial friend.

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Brown's legal team pressed until Guzman eventually revealed the backer was none other than Money Mayweather, and that the two have "been friends for 10+ years." Guzman says she knows Floyd's child's mother, too, and that they "all go back many years."

She said the championship boxer "heard about the idea of me wanting to start the company, and he said that he would help with it at no cost."

When asked how Mayweather found out about the business idea in the first place, Guzman answered, "I told him."

The beef between Chris Brown and Floyd Mayweather can be traced back to a celebrity boxing match the hip-hop star was going to participate in against rapper Soulja Boy. Mayweather was promoting the fight under his boxing company, but then began training and publicly backing Soulja.

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The war got so nasty that Soulja Boy actually put up a photo of Brown's daughter wearing Mayweather's "TMT" merchandise. Guzman also put up a photo of Royalty hanging out at Mayweather's gym.

The boxing match was eventually canceled without a clear reason.

As we reported, Royalty's mom feels she's been getting shortchanged with child support, and filed documents demanding the payment be in line with the millions of dollars he rakes in.

Brown filed his own documents, claiming his baby mama has used their daughter as a "pawn" to get more money. He argues the extra money each month is for Guzman's interests, instead of the child, and that giving their daughter such a large sum of money could be harmful.

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There's also a pretty good chance finding out about that large investment from Mayweather didn't sit too well with Brown.


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