Nas Goes Off on Kelis: 'We Should Be Better Examples for Our Son'

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By TheBlast Staff on September 6, 2018 at 10:02 PM EDT

The custody war between Nas and Kelis has moved from the courtroom to social media.

Nas went on a lengthy Instagram rant on Thursday night after he says he "got a call from essence about my ex-wife doing another sad fictitious story."

The former couple seemingly settled their custody case in January but then things turned contentious again between them over Easter.

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"This is what your life has come to sis?" Nas wrote. "Exploiting some people’s Real struggle and pain...just to get at get attention ? Fame? Another fight against men? We are a human family and we should be better examples for our son. Why is there even a issue for me to have time with my son. A son needs his father. So many absentee fathers out here and here i am being attacked by your accusations simply because i got us in court to help fix this the custody matter?"

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He continued, "Why did i have to take you to court to see our son? Why when i win the joint custody ( which is a win for both of us and our son, it helps us with both our schedules) why do you feel thats an attack on you? Is it control ? Why do you need to have control over my life? because we’re not together? Then why? Is this being rewarded and praised by people who are being taken advantage of by you and your lies?"

The Queens rapper concluded by saying, "This is the type of antics that deceive people and people mistakenly call it strong. Seems I always had more belief in you than you do for yourself. I instilled strength in my daughter who you were already so jealous of and treated poorly. Being jealous & verbally abusive to a Little girl."

Kelis has yet to respond.

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