Rita Ora wishes hubby Taika Waititi a happy birthday

Rita Ora Thanks Birthday Boy Taika Waititi For All The Stolen Jokes

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By Rima Pundir on August 16, 2023 at 11:15 AM EDT

Rita Ora is celebrating her husband's birthday in the best possible way. She shared a cool set of images and videos, admitting to Taika Waititi that she steals his jokes and people think she's the funny one. Now, isn't that just like a wife?

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Taika Waititi Cannot Describe How Happy He Is

Rita Ora wishes hubby Taika Waititi a happy birthday
Instagram | Taika Waititi

All of 48 today, on 16th August 2023, Taika Waititi is one happy, happy man. And it seems a lot of it has got to do with his wife, Rita Ora, whom he married last August in a very small, private ceremony in LA.

Meanwhile, Ora has the sweetest wishes to offer her birthday boy of a husband, as she wrote, "Happy birthday to the funnest smartest man I have ever come across in my life. You keep me together in moments I don’t think I can. Thank you for showing me what love really is."

Of course, it cannot all be sappy as she also admitted to being a joke thief, writing, "Here’s to many more moments of me stealing your jokes and telling them 10x louder so people think I’m the funny one. I LOVE YOU ??"

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Waititi responded in kind, eschewing the emojis because "There aren't enough emojis on the planet to describe how happy I am. Xxx"

Chelsea Handler also added in her wishes, writing, "Hahahah Taika is the smartest and the cutest. Happy birthday, to one hot mess from another!"

Vas J Morgan loved the caption more than the pictures, commenting, "The caption floored me ! Not the jokes teef ?" while later also adding, "We love you Taika!!"

Here's Rita Ora and Taika Waititi being absolutely adorbs on Valentine's Day!

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Rita Ora Proposed To Taika Waititi Who Immediately Accepted

Rita Ora proposed to a Taika Waititi in this fairytale romance
Instagram | Rita Ora

Recently, on their first wedding anniversary, Taika Waititi revealed how it was Ora who proposed to him. Said Waititi, in an interview with Vogue where the couple also shared never-before-seen images of their wedding party, "She proposed to me, and I said 'yes' instantly."

The two first met at a casual barbecue hosted by Waititi at his LA pad in 2018, but it was only three years later that they started dating. In the summer of 2022, Rita popped the question while on vacation in Palm Springs, and so they planned an impromptu wedding on August 4.

Waititi clarifies, "It wasn’t in London or in France like everyone reported. It was in LA with a small group of friends."

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Fans were blown away by it all, but it was Ora's proposal everyone seemed to gush over as one Instagram user commented, "Just how it should be done - just the two of you and a small group of special people. No big show, no pleasing everyone else except for yourself. And even better Rita popped the question."

When some trolls tried to rain on Waititi and Ora's parade, many piped up in their defense, commenting, "I think women proposing to men is badass. I don't see the problem. Good for them!" Another chimed, "I love this ❤️also y’all in the comments need to check yourselves and stop relying on gender norms from the 50s."

Feel the love!

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Rita Ora Has Her Biggest Fan In Her Husband!

Taika Waititi is wife Rita Ora's biggest fan
Instagram | Rita Ora

It seems the couple that jokes together and pulls each other's leg on social media is the one that truly stays together. Jokes, apart, it seems Taika Waititi is also hellbent on proving that he's Ora's biggest fan, and his social media is full of her accomplishments and the work they do together.

Recently, when her album "You & I" became number one in the UK, Waititi wrote an excited post that read, "Zog-Dogz! You & I is #1 in the UK! ?? So sweeeeet. congrats Zog @ritaora. ❤️? Xx"

Fans love the chemistry between the two, as one wrote, "That is the face of a woman who is well loved."

Of course, he put up another post of her wearing her monster prosthetic make-up as well, cheekily writing, "Look what I get to come home to. And believe it or not, this was AFTER glam. Beautiful either way. You & I is OUT NOW."

Meanwhile, this is the kind of birthday fun we all want.

Happy birthday Taika Waititi you "dirty dog," you!

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