Ja Rule Claims Fyre Festival Plaintiffs Need to Holla Holla at Someone Else

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By TheBlast Staff on September 10, 2018 at 11:48 PM EDT

Ja Rule says the attendees of the disastrous Fyre Festival have no legal grounds to sue him and thinks he should be let out of a massive class-action lawsuit over the infamous music festival.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Ja Rule accuses the festival attendees of trying to go after him because he is the only person associated with the event who has any money.

He argues that the people who bought tickets signed a contract with Fyre, not him. He says he did not owe a duty to anyone and only promoted the event on social media twice.

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The rapper says while the festival attendees claim they were given bread and cheese sandwiches, he argues that the "food provided may not have been the gourmet food that Plaintiffs were expecting, but that complaint should be addressed through a breach of contract claim against the parties to the contract," which he says does not include him.


Ja further argues that their claims of not having luxury tents at the festival grounds as promised are nonsense. Ja claims none of the plaintiffs allege they were not provided with shelter, saying the attendees may not have been provided "luxury villas" as they expected but they were provided shelter.

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The attendees also claimed there was no medical staff but the rapper says that does not matter because none of them ever needed it.


Ja Rule says despite them claiming there was a lack of water at the festival, none of the people suing went without water.

The rapper is demanding he be let out of the entire lawsuit and not be liable for any of the alleged damages.

The case is ongoing.

Billy McFarland, the event's organizer, pleaded guilty in March to two counts of wire fraud related to defrauding investors and a ticket broker with Fyre Festival. He is currently awaiting sentencing.

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