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Proud Mom Christina Hall Predicts 7-Year-Old Son's Career Path

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By Afouda Bamidele on August 12, 2023 at 7:15 PM EDT

Christina Hall is already planning her son Brayden's future!

As a devoted mother, she finds immense joy in her role and takes tremendous pride in her three children. The HGTV personality frequently treats her followers to heartwarming glimpses of her family life on social media, and her recent post offers a charming peek into her oldest son's character and possible future endeavors.

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Christina Hall Envisions Bright Future For Son Brayden

At the tender age of seven, the youngster exudes self-assuredness, a trait he seems to have inherited from his renowned mother. In an endearing snapshot showcasing the tiny tot and her husband, Joshua Hall, the reality TV star affectionately captioned:  

"My sweet little helper. He's seen hundreds of houses and has some amazing ideas when it comes to Renovations. Maybe he will be a builder or architect." 

Brayden and his older sister Taylor are among Christina's children from her previous marriage with Tarek El Moussa. Additionally, she shares 3-year-old Hudson with her former spouse, Ant Anstead.

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Proud Mom Christina Hall Predicts 7-Year-Old Son Brayden's Career Path
Instagram | Christina Hall
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Being such a doting mother, it was expected when she turned to Instagram last year to commemorate the budding engineer's birthday, who was born on August 19, 2015. 

Sharing a few snapshots and a heartfelt message, she celebrated him and unveiled his interests. In the caption accompanying the images, the "Flip or Flop" star wrote, "Happy 7️⃣ Birthday Brayden! ? ? Cuddly, silly, cute and feisty. Brayden loves sharks, dogs, and good meals. My little foodie ? ??? . He makes life more fun ❤️ I love being his mama!!" 

The post showcased ten snapshots capturing the celebrant's growth over the years. Some images featured Christina, his stepdad, and siblings in various scenes, sharing moments of togetherness. 

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The initial photo depicted Brayden by the water's edge, cradling a tiny creature with a white dog beside him. The subsequent shot captured him grinning directly at the camera while seated in front of a fish tank.

In the third slide, the pair squatted with goats on their backs, while the next saw the entire family inside a car. In the fifth picture, Brayden warmly embraced the "Buddy vs. Duff" special guest in front of flowers and a Christmas tree. 

The following image displayed him grinning while seated with his half-brother Hudson in a vehicle. The "Brother Vs. Brother" judge rounded off the series with three snapshots of a younger Brayden, caught in moments of pure joy with his mouth wide open.

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The 'Christina On The Coast' Reflects On Her Children's Adaptation To Unconventional Living

Christina Hall Slams Fan For Stirring Up Daughter's 'Best Mom' Comment On 'Selling Sunset'
Instagram | Christina Hall

"The Wellness Remodel" author detailed how her three children adapted to their non-traditional living arrangement. While transitioning homes and schools can often cause stress for youngsters, Christina assured that her trio of kids enthusiastically embraced the changes.

While making strides in constructing a home-flipping dynasty alongside her former policeman beau, the star openly acknowledged her continuous quest for favorable deals and profits from the homes she develops. 

However, she asserted that her children are content with the prospect of frequent moves if it leads to fruitful outcomes. The 40-year-old reportedly stated:

"We get an off-market buyer and it's very hard to pass up that profit. So then I have to sit down with the kids and be like, 'Hey guys, I know we don't want to move again, but is anyone else in favor of us finding different opportunities?'"

Though bidding farewell to a cherished home is never easy, the "Christina HOME" owner explained, "To be honest, they're always like, 'Yeah, let's move.' It's interesting. They like it too. It's a whole new adventure." 

The "Flip or Flop Follow-Up" host further elaborated that each house brings its own excitement and uniqueness. She expressed the hope for a more extended stay in their current residence but playfully hinted, "But if we get the right price, who knows?"

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Despite her passionate involvement in home flipping, the mother-of-three recognizes her limits. She firmly intends to remain in the Orange County region, where her children attend school. Additionally, she has no intention of selling her vacation home in Nashville, as she envisions it as a future retirement destination for her and her husband.

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