Mary J. Blige Sued for Allegedly Bailing on and Trashing L.A. Rental Mansion

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By TheBlast Staff on September 20, 2018 at 9:52 PM EDT

When Mary J. Blige's former landlord reminisces on her time as a tenant, they claim they remember someone who bailed on their lease before it was up, left the place dirty and damaged, and even made off with some A/V equipment.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Golden Venus LLC. claims Blige and her ex-husband, Martin Isaacs, rented a Beverly Hills home beginning on May 1, 2015.

Golden Venus claims the lease called for the couple to pay $25,500 per month in rent and put down a $51,000 security deposit.

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In April of 2016, Golden Venus says they agreed to a lease extension with the couple with the rent increasing to $27,000 per month. But on August 5, 2016, they claim Blige and Isaacs failed to pay their rent for August through November, so they served them with notice to pay up the $85,050 they owed or vacate in three days.

Eventually, the two sides came to a deal — Blige and Isaacs would pay Golden Venus $27,000 and allow them to keep the security deposit and they would call it even.

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But Golden Venus claims they never got the $27,000. Furthermore, they claim discovered $16,058.78 in damages to the home — including holes in the wall and repairs to the water heater, freezer, air conditioning unit and garage door. They also claim they realized $31,052.52 in audio/visual equipment had been "removed" from the home.

In all, Golden Venus says they are owed $58,211.13 from Mary J. Blige and Marin Isaacs, plus interest.

Blige and Isaacs finalized their long and messy divorce earlier this year.

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