Selma Blair walks her dog before heading out in a limo for a trip

Selma Blair Is All Smiles And Walking Caneless In L.A.

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By Kay on August 3, 2023 at 6:30 PM EDT

Selma Blairis looking amazing lately the actress was spotted walking around Los Angeles sans cane and with her cute golden retriever!

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Selma Blair Is Standing Strong

Selma Blair and Sasha Farber seen leaving practice together at the dance studio on Wednesday

Blair is really looking like a pillar of sunshine as she braves the streets of LA on Tuesday. The Cruel Intentions star smiled at photographers in her white, ankle-length summer dress. she wore tan Birkenstock sandals with a purse over one shoulder, an iced coffee in one hand, and the leash of her furry companion's leash in the other hand.

Blair is sporting a blonde bob haircut that is shining like an angel’s halo under the bright sun. She is smiling from ear to ear and looks to be in great spirits. Blair has been a trooper since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2018.

She bravely took to social media to share the news and has not stopped talking about it since, becoming a great advocate for the illness.

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Selma Blair’s Battle Was Life Long

Selma Blair seen at DWTS dance rehearsals for Season 31

The actress spoke with British Vogue about the illness that sometimes has her tripping and falling over herself due to lack of balance. “If you're a boy with those symptoms, you get an MRI. If you're a girl, you're called 'crazy,'” she said of the signs that appeared early on.

“I looked like a "normal" girl to them but I was Disabled this whole time,” she says of the signs that included losing the vision in her right eye, then the use of her left leg, and eventually control of her bladder by the age of seven.

The symptoms only got worse with age pushing Blair into a depression and a pretty serious case at that. On the brighter side, The Sweetest Thing actress is in remission from the debilitating disease.

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A Cell Transplant Helped Tremendously

Selma Blair Attends Second Annual Academy Museum Gala in Los Angeles

In 2019 the actress revealed that she has undergone a procedure called hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and this has helped her body begin to feel somewhat normal again. She has become an advocate for the disability community in a sense.

It has humbled her. “I didn’t imagine I could ever make a difference by showing up as myself and being open about my experiences. But when others with mobility aids rallied around my presence on the red carpet with a cane and in the midst of an MS flare, I noticed.”

It made the actress feel special. “I felt empowered to share. Now it’s a conscious choice to,” she admits.

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Selma Blair On A Role

Selma Blair's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Selma Blair

The actress has proven that a disability isn’t meant to hold you back just help you adjust to a different way of doing things. She shocked the nation when she appeared on Dancing With The Stars in the thick of her MS battle.

She maintained being a full-time mother to her son Arthur, she bravely posted her good AND bad days on social media. And of course, she had her cane front and center in all the shots of her epic British Vogue magazine cover.

It’s nice to see her in great spirits and cane free for the moment.

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