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Kim & Kroy Biermann's Harsh Words In Called Off Divorce Wreaking Havoc On Reunion

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By Kay on July 24, 2023 at 7:30 PM EDT

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann have agreed to work on their marriage but let’s not forget some of the nasty stuff they said to one another.

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Kroy Biermann And Kim Zolciak At Odds

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kim Zolciak shows off her curves as she leaves her Miami Beach hotel

They just can’t seem to get over the horrible things they revealed to the public about one another. Sources are sharing that the couple are fighting over that pesky bodycam footage that is making the rounds.

The Blast shared the video that showed Zolciak panting, crying and struggling to catch her breath as she deals with a hostile Biermann. Seeing as the divorce is now called off, the couple is vexed to learn that they essentially made themselves look like fools.

While it hasn’t pulled the duo apart again, according to TMZ, it’s causing small issues in their marriage that they’ve only just started working on again.

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Bodycam Footage Revealed A Lot

Kim Zolciak & Kroy Biermann's Dysfunctional Living Situation Exposed

The footage is admittedly rough to watch. Kim is bawling and Kroy is acting pretty aggressive. Both are clearly upset and not willing to budge on their stances. There are a few incidents in the video that stand out and are likely the reason why the couple is so embarrassed.

Zolciak accused Biermann of possibly having a head injury from his years as a football player because it’s a contact sport. In return, he has accused her of gambling way too much and spending millions of dollars at casinos and on scratch cards.

He also insisted via court docs that the mom of six needs to learn how to be a better parent and wanted her to take a parenting class. Zolciak claimed that Biermann was smoking a lot of marijuana to the point that she was worried about him around the kids.

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The Zolciak-Biermann Friends Got Involved Too

Kim Zolciak Forced To Sell 'Slightly Worn' Wigs Amid Tense Divorce Battle

Unfortunately for the reality TV couple, their friends got involved as well and it led to a few shocking situations. One was on the phone with Zolciak when the cops showed up and she unleashed on Biermann and his manic behavior.

The unnamed woman who Zolciak described as like a mom to her insisted that something was not mentally right with the former footballer and was worried for Zolciak and the kid’s safety. Another one of Zolciak’s friends was hunted down by the police.

Yes. Biermann claimed that he was unable to locate his oldest son Kroy Jr (KJ) and he called in the police to report the youngster missing. When he was located, it turned out he was with Zolciak’s best friend having a playdate with her daughter at the rodeo.

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Kroy Biermann And Kim Zolciak Want To Put It Behind Them

The IRS Has A Long Bill For Kim Zolciak-Biermann

When they got back together, word on the street was, they are determined to make this new beginning work but that is proving to be hard because the mud they were slinging at one another in the three-month time frame of undergoing divorce proceedings is coming back to slap them in the face.

Apparently, the bodycam footage is making it really hard for these wounds to heal. They are splitting right back open when they come across a new hurdle in their rekindling like seeing the footage all over the news.

However, the couple has said they are determined to make it better for their kids so they will likely have to look past this moment in time.

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