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Monica Lewinsky Declares Her 40s 'Best Past Decade' In 50th Birthday Post

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By Afouda Bamidele on July 24, 2023 at 8:30 PM EDT

Monica Lewinsky hits the half-a-century mark!

The former White House intern, whose name became synonymous with a highly publicized scandal in the 1990s, takes to social media with a heartfelt message reflecting the previous years. After dealing with so much ridicule for most of her life after the affair, she focuses on the moments that shaped her with grace and resilience, looking forward to the exciting chapters ahead.

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Monica Lewinsky Embraces 50th Birthday With Gratitude To Her 'Best Past Decade'

The renowned activist commemorated the milestone on Sunday with a reel that took her followers on a delightful trip down memory lane. Accompanied by Holly Kluge's "Happy Little Things," the clip featured charming throwback photos of the writer from her childhood. 

From adorable baby snapshots to heartwarming images of her as a young girl, the video captured the essence of her journey, all adorned with cheerful "Happy 50th Birthday!" text and balloon stickers. Accompanying the footage was a caption that read:

"HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY TO ME! I can't believe this little one made it to the best past decade so far. so grateful for the love + encouragement I've received these last 10 years. helluva ride so far!"

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The comments section was filled with well-wishes, with Scottish actor Alan Cumming penning a heartfelt message, "Ahh happy everything, dear Monickers!" Another person praised her as an inspiration, stating, "Your grit, grace, and goodness are an inspiration to so many. ❤️," while a third wrote, "Happy Birthday, beautiful. Enjoy the day." A fourth commenter appreciated the charming snaps, noting, "Beautiful pictures."

Lewinsky's gracious nature has been frequently praised by fans, especially last year when she shared her thoughts on the death of the late lawyer — Kenneth Starr — who publicly disclosed her infamous affair with former President Bill Clinton. 

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Unfortunately, the former judge passed away at a Houston hospital due to complications from surgery. The entrepreneur's response to the news of his passing garnered attention from fans, who appreciated her display of kindness.

Taking to Twitter, she shared her thoughts on his death at 76, writing, "as i'm sure many can understand, my thoughts about ken starr bring up complicated feelings… but of more importance, is that i imagine it's a painful loss for those who love him."

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Her tweet immediately grabbed the attention of her followers, like one user who expressed admiration for her constant class and strength. Another playfully requested the name of her therapist, jokingly noting, "I am glad he's gone and don't care about his loved ones (does he even have any?), and he never did anything to me."

A supporter mentioned their desire to copy "a fraction" of Lewinsky's grace, while a fourth pointed out their admiration of her beauty, "inside and out," even as a friend of Starr and his wife. 

The 'Mr. Personality' Host Opens Up About Dealing With Public Scrutiny

Monica Lewinsky at the Los Angeles Premiere Of FX Networks' 'Impeachment: American Crime Story'

After becoming increasingly candid about the challenges she faced under public scrutiny during her involvement with former President Clinton, the author addressed it through her role as an executive producer for the American Crime Story series. She discussed the impact of seeing herself depicted in cartoons in newspapers, subjected to ridicule. 

Despite more than two decades passing since her face was constantly featured in the news and papers, Lewinsky admitted that the insults she endured still stung while reflecting on the lack of support she had at that time to shield her from the harsh criticism. 

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The TV personality also pondered if going through such an event would be different in recent times. Sharing her thoughts, she stated, "We didn't even have words like 'fat shaming' or 'slut shaming' then. It was incredibly painful. I still don't like having my photo taken professionally."

The 50-year-old also empathized with the other women involved in the scandal, including his wife, Hillary Clinton. She recounted how challenging it was for her confidence when people found it hard to believe she could have an affair with the 76-year-old due to her weight. 

Lewinsky acknowledged that while men may experience body shaming, it pales in comparison to the intensity faced by women. In her own words:

"The misogyny and making fun of people's appearance: Bill got it sometimes, a few jokes about pudge and a McDonald's burger — and the same happened to Trump — but not to any degree that it happened to the women."

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