Kate Gosselin Responds To Son Collin's Allegations, Claims He Attacked Her With A 'WEAPON'

Kate Gosselin Claims Son Collin Attacked Her With A 'WEAPON'

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By Favour Adegoke on July 21, 2023 at 5:39 PM EDT
Updated on July 22, 2023 at 1:34 PM EDT

Kate Gosselin has finally spoken out after her son, Collin Gosselin, and made a huge bombshell accusation against her own child. 

The accusations, which she made publicly, have sent ripples through the media and raised questions about the family's dynamics and the well-being of her children.

Kate claimed that Collin was admitted to a mental facility after several physical outbursts, including when he allegedly had a "weapon."

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Kate Gosselin Breaks Silence On Son's Accusations

Kate Gosselin attends The Celebrity Apprentice Finale on February 16, 2015 at Trump Tower in New York City, New York, USA.

The controversy surrounding her family dynamics erupted when her son Colin, one of her 19-year-old sextuplets with ex-husband Jon, accused her of sending him to a behavioral institution to silence him.

Kate, who had remained silent in the wake of these accusations, finally broke her silence with a statement posted on Instagram.

The reality TV star subtly refuted the claims made by Collin, asserting that he received "multiple psychiatric diagnoses" and inpatient psychiatric treatment in response to "unpredictable and violent behavior."

"I have never wanted to have to do this, but I feel I have been backed into a corner and left with no choice. Although it saddens me to do so, I need to speak out now," Kate stated.

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She continued, "My son Collin, whom I love with all my heart, has received multiple psychiatric diagnoses over the years. For the safety of myself, his brothers and sisters, and for his well-being, he was placed in a facility following years of outpatient treatment which proved insufficient for his needs."

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Kate Gosselin Claims Collin Attacked Her With A 'Weapon'

Kate Gosselin

The reality TV star known for her role on "Jon & Kate Plus 8" went on to accuse Collin of attacking her with a weapon, stating that the incident also propelled her to seek help for him.

"The decision to admit him was made by emergency room doctors following one of his many attacks/outbursts — this one involving his use of a weapon," she revealed.

Kate went on, "Fast forward to the present day, and following Jon's removal of Collin from treatment, my son's unpredictable and violent behavior has sadly continued regularly towards Jon, Hannah, and others around him."

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"Collin's distorted perception of reality is one of the many issues that he has always struggled with. As many people who have family members grappling with mental health issues can attest, it is rarely and sadly surprising when complete fabrications occur, and this is just another heartbreaking facet of this fight. All parent-child relationships are complex, but when mental illness is involved, it is incredibly complicated and painful, let alone easy for others on the outside to understand," she added.

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Collin Gosselin Claims His Mom Kate Wanted To Silence Him

Kate Gosselin Responds To Son Collin's Accusations, Claims He Attacked Her With A 'WEAPON'
Instagram | Collin Gosselin

During his bombshell-dropping appearance on "Dark Side of the 2000s," Collin opened up about the harrowing toll his stay in a behavioral institution took on him "mentally."

Collin had been previously enrolled in a behavioral institution for a behavioral disorder when he was 12. The recent interview marks the first time the now-adult Collin has spoken about his experiences during his time in the facility, which has long been a topic of speculation and curiosity among fans.

"It was a really, really dark place. All I had was myself. I didn't have anybody else. You know, I had no support system. It was scary. I was confused. I was lost," he recalled.

He noted that his mom put him in the behavioral facility because he let the cat out of the bag on her "abusive" behavior at home. He alleged that Kate wanted to put him "somewhere where [he] wouldn't be able to put the secrets out."

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Jon Gosselin Says He Spent $ 1 Million To Get His Son Out Of Hospital

Kate Gosselin's Son, Collin Sent To Behavioral Institute, 'I Think It Tore Us Apart'
Instagram | Jon Gosselin

In a startling revelation during the interview on Vice's "Dark Side of the 2000s.," Kate's ex-husband, Jon, disclosed that he spent a staggering $1 million to secure the release of their son, Collin, from a medical facility.

"I spent $1 million to get my son out," the Gosselin patriarch claimed, explaining that he used testimony and psych evaluations to help build his case. "Everything I had, I spent."

According to the news outlet, Collin wrote him a letter while he was at the Philadelphia-based psychiatrist hospital Fairmount Behavioral Health System in 2017 and asked him for help.

Alongside Collin, Kate and Jon also share seven other children; Madelyn, Hannah, Cara, Aaden, Joel, Leah, and Alexis.

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